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Nothing to do with Madeira, but in a sign of the woke times that I for one abhor, Microsoft has introduced a political correctness tool to help users make their writing more “inclusive”.

The BBC reports that the new Word feature, which is also on some of Microsoft’s web-based applications, will offer tips to users by highlighting phrases or words that might cause offence. In its latest version of Office 365, a purple line appears beneath written copy that the software deems might “imply bias”, with alternatives offered.

The woke feature, an addition to the software’s spelling and grammar-checking tools, looks for age bias, cultural bias, gender-specific language, sexual orientation bias and socioeconomic status. Fortunately, the option can be switched off.

The line Neil Armstrong uttered when he stepped on the Moon — “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” — is deemed problematic by the software, which suggests changing “mankind” to “humankind” or “humanity”, whilst the children’s cartoon Postman Pat also fails the inclusivity test, with the software preferring “mail carrier” Pat or “postal worker” Pat.

The software also offers to tweak Billy Paul’s 1970s hit Me and Mrs Jones to a more modern Me and Ms Jones, while Barry Manilow’s infamous Lola in the song Copacabana might more appropriately be referred to as a performing artist rather than a showgirl.

Other words where changes are suggested include “headmaster” (Word suggests “principal”), “master” (“expert”), “manpower” (“workforce”) and “heroine” (“hero”).

Woke tool intended to eliminate bias

According to a piece on the Microsoft website, the tool was developed for those who want to “eliminate biases based on gender, age, ability and more”. Native speakers and linguistic experts have been hired in every country to advise on its language suggestions.

Sumit Chauhan, Microsoft corporate vice president for engineering in Office, said that the goal was not to correct all of society’s problems but to highlight potential blind spots. “In our products, we want to be thoughtful about stereotypes in the world and to make sure our AI is not reinforcing or amplifying those.”

The Daily Mail reports that “showgirl, mankind, whitewash and blacklist are just some of the words that don’t make it past Microsoft Word’s new woke filter”.

Microsoft’s woke bias comes hot on the heels of reports of the ‘Woke’ BBC responding to criticism for censoring Chewin’ The Fat

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22 thoughts on “Woke Word”

    • Mike it was mentioned that it could be turned off BUT on Windows – on my computer – the programme still persists in changing so many words which I had never typed. I DO NOT use the spell-check for this reason but it makes no difference!

      • Sandy, maybe this is a sign to transition to Linux? I am considering it seriously, I spoke with a computer guy and he said there are Linux alternatives for most apps we use in Windows. So unless someone does stuff like heavy video editing, there is really no reason to keep using Windows, especially after being enlightened by this post, like a final nail in the coffin…

  1. Some of you seem upset by this entire woke insanity, and rightfully so.

    Where do you stand on “Cancel Culture”?

    “Cancel Culture” is an offshoot of “wokeness” and of SJW, basically giving you carte blanche to invalidate, marginalize, troll, insult and essentially dehumanize anyone who thinks differently or just disagrees with you?

  2. Irritation to the same level as the paper clip…

    Let me as usual take you into the twilight zone, I put it to you good people that all of this “WOKE” momentum that has been building up these past several years is very dangerous to say the least

    Several lines have been crossed yet the majority have allowed this to happen due to their apathy as can be plainly seen by the overly compliant stance being taken

    As one such example, the LGBT community has has been insidiously used by those wanting to push their unnacceptable narrative

    A gay MAN or a Lesbian WOMAN will without issue use the appropriate amenities without confusion or reticence, a transgender person has a slightly hardy decision to make 🙂

    The LGBT community has always fought for their rights and sexuality, how about they now stand their ground against all the self identifiers?
    Whether you enjoy playing hide the sausage, receiving visitors at the tradesman’s entrance or eat from the furry plate… it does not matter

    What really matters is a stable transparent society that moves forward positively with common sense and decency

    • Wonderful insights, Joe!

      Minorities, in their legitimate quest for equal opportunities and against discrimination, are USED by the “establishment” to only further their control over the general population, by hijacking the concept of “equality” and turning it into “equal outcomes” (regardless of individual MERIT) and de-facto encouraging those minorities to “cancel” and discriminate each other among themselves. Divide and conquer.

      Women’s rights, originally a perfectly legitimate quest, has become the monstrosity that we know as “feminism” today, including man-hating and demands for merit-less entitlements. As a woman, I am most certainly not a “feminist”, surely not according to today’s so-called “feminist” ideologies, which cause women more harm than good.

      Same thing with black rights, originally an equally valid movement, has been hijacked and turned into the woke version of BLM, again, expecting automatic entitlement without any base in individual merit. Remember when Biden said “If you don’t vote for me, you’re not really black”?

      LGBT – same thing. A perfectly legitimate quest for equal opportunities, which was gradually hijacked into endless variations of identity, each with its own merit-less demands for special entitlements. Lesbian women are being “cancelled” for not being interested in physical intimacy with male-to-female trans people. Gay men are being “cancelled” for as little as not supporting the far-left. Totally insane.

      Because this is THE issue with the “woke” concept. Meritless entitlement. It’s no longer about equal opportunities and against discrimination, now it’s about being entitled to special treatment with no base in individual merit whatsoever. It’s about “equal outcomes”, not about equal opportunities, and regardless of individual merit.

      • “Meritless entitlement” sounds like a precursor to Communism…

        I plant a field of potatoes, I look after those potatoes for 3 months, I then harvest my field of potatoes
        The day after, 9 people turn up and insist on their share… communism and meritless entitlement in all it’s glory

        Men think more because they are born with two heads… women talk more because they are born with 4 lips

  3. Horrible and utterly ridiculous. So Microsoft wants to tell us what we can or cannot write. That comes on top of the ever fatter lot of bloatware that comes with the various Windows OS’. And the ever more bite consuming compulsory updates that eat up ever more space. I’ll tell you what. I am fed up with Windows/Microsoft to the point where I am writing this from my brand new Lunix Zorin 16 installation, wiping everything Microsoft off this computer. Nice, clean and fast, without stuff I don’t use or don’t want, with tons of apps and… all free. Bye Microsoft. I will bl**dy well decide for myself what I write. And f*ck political correctness! 😀

  4. Utterly ridiculous. So Microsoft want to tell us what we can and cannot write. That comes on top of the tons of bloatware force-fed to you with every new Windows OS. And the ever more bite-consuming compulsory updates that eat up all the space your computer has. I’ll tell you what. I write this from my brand new Linux installation (Zorin 16 core), nice and fast, clean, nothing I don want or use, and loads of applications to choose from, including a free and very versatile office suite and a photo editing program that puts the very expensive Adobe Photoshop to shame. Choice of various video editing programs that are much better than the joke called Windows Photos Video editor. Bye Bye Microsoft. I shall bl**dy well decide for myself what I f*cking write 😀

  5. From one extreem to the other extreem.
    A perfect illustration of Hegel’s Pendulum Theory.

    To understand the exagerations of WOKE, we must also understand the exagerations of PRE WOKE.

    • I am actually in agreement with you on this. We are dealing with extremes.
      To understand “woke”, we have to study the “pre-woke” conditions.

      Any particular examples you’re thinking of?

      • Being sarcastic?

        Education for girls = learning to cook and sew
        Politics for women = no voting rights
        A CEO, or anyone in charge, should be a man
        Cafés and bars are for men only, to hang around with male friends or to pick up bad girls
        Gay is a disease.
        god is a man, born from a virgin – and I am not even mentioning muslims.
        Priests = men, and so are most governments and experts
        Women are supposed to look good and be quiet, men can have beer bellies and be hooligans.

        But of course, you knew all that


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