Mass testing could end soon

… as cases stabilize

Testing station in Funchal

JM report that the Government of Madeira will assess this week the need to continue massively testing the population each week, after health authorities foresee a stabilization in the number of cases, said the sector secretary today.

“We will see if there is a need to continue with massive testing [of the population]. It will be analyzed next week”, at a meeting between the Regional Government and those responsible for the health area of ​​Madeira, announced Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos in Porto Santo Island where yesterday the vaccination campaign for children aged between 5 and 11 began.

Asked about the review of measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the archipelago, including testing, the government official recalled that the decision of the Madeiran executive is in force until January 15 and that “what are the recommendations for the next fortnight” will be evaluated.

“We are going to have some stability “

“The public health emergency unit confided that not much more is expected [in cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection]. We are going to have some stability”, said the official.

Pedro Ramos argued that the region maintains about “a thousand cases a day, when it reached the end of the first week after the New Year celebrations”.

Among the measures to be analyzed, it indicated the need to continue testing the population weekly, as 87% of residents already have complete vaccination and 89% have started the inoculation process.

“The [variant] Ómicron has been responsible for this quick and easy dissemination of the entire population, but without great gravity”, he stressed.

Madeira has available hospital capacity

The secretary highlighted that Madeira continues “with available hospital capacity”, with 150 beds in areas dedicated to covid-19, of which 15 are in intensive care, which can be increased in multipurpose services in case of need.

“Right now there is not much pressure,” he said, stressing that the increase in cases does not correspond to the increase in the severity of the disease.

Taking stock of the epidemiological situation in Madeira, Pedro Ramos stated that the region has confirmed 31,099 cases, more than 10,000 active situations, 21,238 recovered, 88 hospitalized (four in the intensive care unit) and 140 deaths associated with the disease.

He also mentioned that there are 144 infected in the Education sector, “mostly students”, since the teaching and non-teaching community “is fully vaccinated”, insisting on the importance of vaccination as a form of protection against the disease.

Therefore, he maintained that “the Regional Government is not sorry for not having postponed the opening of schools” on January 3, unlike what happened in the rest of the country, where classes are resumed today (Monday).

Vaccinations progressing alongside testing

About the process of vaccinating children, he highlighted that, as of January 2, 3,095 had been inoculated, which represents “25% of the eligible population” (over 14,000).

Pedro Ramos pointed out that 64,086 third doses of the vaccine have already been administered in the region, corresponding to 25% of the region’s population, estimated at around 252,000 residents.

As for the process of vaccination of children that began today on the island of Porto Santo, he highlighted that 80 users were inoculated, of the approximately 300 residents aged between 5 and 11 years old.

The report on the epidemiological situation in Madeira released by the Regional Health Directorate informs that one more death and 1,260 new cases of covid-19 were reported today, with 10,228 active situations identified and 703 recovered patients – details on the link below as usual.

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  1. I think the mass testing was principle inn place to ensure that Madeira stayed open during Christmas and New Year. It can be reasonably expected now that infections from Omicron have peaked and will fall. No need for weekly testing now. It should now revert to a more targeted testing regime which will be more useful and save money.


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