Grupo Sousa sells Luamar

Ferpinta buys landmark Porto Santo hotel

Luamar hotel

The Diario reports that the sale of Aparthotel Luamar, the four-star hotel located on the island of Porto Santo, and owned since June 1992 by Grupo Sousa, was concluded yesterday. The expression of interest by the company Ferpinta Turismo took place before the summer, when the two groups started negotiations.

With the completion of the deal, Ferpinta Turismo, which manages the Vila Baleira hotel, located just across the road in the Cabeqo da Ponta area, in Porto Santo — expands its location on the beachfront, strengthening its positioning in a highly popular location (thinking about it it makes them completely domininant in the Cabeqo da Ponta area).

Ferpinta Turismo will now be responsible for the operation of 57 apartments of his own that are allocated to the hotel operation and assumes the responsibilities for 20 employees who currently work at Luamar. This deal does not involve the other two units of the Sousa Group in Porto Santo, such as the Praia Dourada and Torre Praia hotels.

Located on the beach, on top of the dunes, the aparthotel Luamar has always asserted itself as “the ideal place for guests looking for rest and tranquility” – largely due to the direct access to the famous beach.

The Ferpinta Group company – founded by Fernando Pinho Teixeira in 1962 and also has a hotel in Funchal, thus strengthening their hotel capacity in Porto Santo where it already has 312 rooms with a balcony, 56 of which are apartments.

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  1. Sousa used to offer package deal at the Luamar if you travelled to Porto SANTO on the ferry (which they also own). You must assume that that this will disappear and their deals focus on their remaining hotels. Shame – the Luamar was never 5* but a fantastic position on the beach.


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