Golden Visas still popular

… bringing in €60m to Madeira

JM headline about Golden Visas

JM lead with the headline that the Golden Visa scheme (businesses carried out under the Investment Residence Permit program) contributed 60 million euros to the Region’s coffers last year. The UK is one of the most investing markets, but there has also been activity from Americans and Russians. Calheta and Funchal are the most popular areas for buying a house under the scheme.

55,000 Madeirans receive booster dose

The same newspaper reveals that 55,000 Madeirans have already taken a booster dose of vaccine against Covid – still quite a small percentage of the population. However, with some of the local population being late-adoptors, the required wait of 6 months before the booster can be administered will mean that they have to wait.

Seventh consecutive day with more than a thousand cases

The Region saw another record high of 1,665 new cases yesterday – details on the link below as usual.

87 positive cases of COVID-19 were yesterday recorded among students, teachers, and non-teaching staff in schools in the Region, with some of these cases having occurred during the school break.

Quinta do Lorde sold

The Diario’s main story is that a Lisbon-based company has bought Quinta do Lorde, the controversial development out towards Ponta de São Lourenço, which has been stuck in limbo for a number of years – a search in the search bar above will throw countless stories around Quinta do Lorde.

Apparently, it took €60m to unlock the deal which was signed on the last day of last year.

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  1. I wonder if there is any vetting process when dishing out these “Golden visas”? I wonder how many less reputable people get them e.g. drug barons,money launderers, Mafiosi etc


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