Election too close to call

Main parties neck and neck

Portugal's Parliament - election day is Sunday

The Portugal News reports that as elections near, the distance between the socialists (PS) and social democrats (PSD) had been shortening, with some polls showing that the PSD party has moved fractionally ahead.

Legislative elections will take place on 30 January 2022 to elect members of the Assembly of the Republic to the 15th Legislature of the Third Republic. All 230 seats to the Assembly of the Republic will be at stake.

The most recent survey for TVI/CNN Portugal, shows that the PSD (34.5%) have surpassed the PS (33.5%). The two major political forces are thus separated by one single percentage point with the election date fast approaching. The previous poll by the same company, released last Friday, indicated 34.6% of voting intentions for the socialist incumbent António Costa and 33.5% for democrat Rui Rio. But the most recent data reversed the scenario. The PSD managed to overtake the PS, thus gathering 34.5% of the voting intentions, while the Socialists are left with only 33.5%.

Chega is the third political force, with 6.5% of voting intentions. The Left Bloc and Liberal Initiative appear in fourth position, both with 5.7% of voting intentions. Behind appears the CDU (PCP/PEV) with 4.7%, the PAN (1.6%), Livre (1.2%) and, finally, the CDS (0.8%).

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