Drug addiction support reaches 500

Lourdes Castro passes away

JM leads with a report that the program to fight drug addiction now helps 500 people in Madeira. Over the years there have been a number of reports on this blog featuring the growing number of drug users on the island.

Some are housed in the hospital at Marmeleiros, whilst others take their dose of methadone from the side of a van that travels around the island. Technicians warn of the danger of new synthetic drugs, increasingly sought after by young people aged 14 and over.

Lourdes Castro dies aged 91

Today’s edition also pays tribute to “the unusual journey of one of the most important contemporary figures in Madeiran and Portuguese culture”. At the age of 91, Lourdes Castro has passed away. Locally, and from all over the country, there are notes of regret for the death of the illustrious Madeiran.

On the mainland Público pays tribute to “One of the most important contemporary Portuguese artists”. Born in Funchal, Lourdes Castro, initially specialised in abstract art, but in the 1960s she created collages and silk screens, seeking to capture “ephemeral reality”. From the 1970s, together with her partner Manuel Zimbro, she developed shadow puppets for her Shadow Theatre, gaining acclaim throughout Europe and Brazil.

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