Covid: weekly press conference dropped

… as daily cases drop below 1,000

Weekly press conference held by the Health Secretary

The Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection has decided not to continue with the weekly press conferences, in which Pedro Ramos took stock of the week in terms of fighting the pandemic, specifically in terms of the progress of the vaccination campaign and in updating the details of the daily cases.

The decision was not officially communicated but has been confirmed by the Cabinet of Pedro Ramos.

The change in the communication and pandemic strategy in the Region had already been announced by Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, who stressed a few days ago that this would happen when the number of daily cases dropped from one thousand – which coincidentally happened yesterday.

Weekly tests to end?

In this sense, the data that the Regional Government, through the Regional Directorate of Health, presents should point to a reduction in the number of cases below that threshold which may lead to the end of the requirement of weekly antigen tests for the entire population.

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