Covid: numbers expected to remain high

Expect 1,000 per day for the next week

Health Secretary talking about Covid this afternoon

JM reports that the number of new cases of infection by Covid-19 is expected to remain in the order of 1,000 per day over the next few days, according to the Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection this afternoon.

Pedro Ramos stressed that cases related to socializing during the Christmas season are being identified, so the high number of infections should continue.

The government official also pointed out that 137 cases remain active in Porto Santo.

As of now 87% of the population of Madeira are double-vaccinated, with 88% having had their first dose.

Another death from Covid

A patient aged 83, a victim of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus died today in Madeira. According to a note from the Regional Health and Civil Protection Department, the vaccinated woman had associated comorbidities and died at the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital.

The Autonomous Region of Madeira now accounts, to date, for a total of 135 deaths associated with Coronavirus.

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