Covid: 5 deaths in one day

An unwanted record for Madeira

the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal where Covid patients are treated

JM reports that never in a single day had so many sick victims of COVID-19 died in Madeira. Today it was five.

According to a note from the Regional Health and Civil Protection Department, all the patients died at the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal and had associated comorbidities.

There are three women (91, 86 and 88 years old) and 2 men (86 and 84 years old), three were vaccinated and two were not.

The Autonomous Region of Madeira now accounts for a total of 157 deaths associated with COVID-19.

Yesterday saw 1,583 new cases of Coronavirus infection reported in Madeira. Details are on the link below as usual.

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9 thoughts on “Covid: 5 deaths in one day”

  1. Very sad indeed for the families. Context is important. The youngest individual was 84 and two were unvaccinated. All had comorbidities. I would respectfully suggest these poor folk died with Covid rather than of it.

  2. Sad. But what do we believe as the Regional Government has reported that 100% of over 80’s are vaccinated. So what is the truth about the official vaccination figures??????

  3. … This is an extremely misleading piece of Sensationalising journalism by JM ,, No details at all given on the deaths, only jumping to the conclusion that they died from Covid ,, the day before there was only 1 person in the Intensive care unit ? ,, I’d hazard a guess that none of these people were even in a covid ward? but died FROM totally unrelated causes and then tested positive after death ,, If I were to have an accident today and then died tomorrow in hospital and tested positive for covid, then my death would be attributed to Covid and reported the same way !!! …

  4. I feel that these articles are more on the advertisement side to make you to feel Madeira is safe. Major of the people think they must already have had other health problems.
    This is how I feel about these articles. Not saying I am right.

  5. I will be lucky to reach 70 never mind 80+, the men on my mums side all kick the bucket with heart failure at around 65

    Madeira for some reason is riddled with genetic heart issue’s such as tachycardia, Cristiano Ronaldo underwent laser heart surgery to correct this issue early on in his career

    Maybe the hillbilly syndrome has been the cause of it all 🙂

    May the force be with you


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