Call for end to all travel restrictions

Airline bosses send open letter to UK government

airport arrivals where travel restrictions have impacted

The PA News Agency reports that the chief executives of the UK’s largest airlines have written to the Government to demand an end to coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

In the letter, they ask that travel restrictions be removed “at the very least” for those who are fully vaccinated. They say that Omicron is in retreat and evidence shows that travel restrictions have a “limited effect” in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

The UK Government was already due to review travel restrictions and requirements for England next week.

The letter is signed by the heads of Ryanair, Easyjet, Loganair, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Jet2, as well as the chief executives of holiday travel group Tui and trade body Airlines UK.

It contains three key demands:

– Restriction free travel for all travellers or at the very least those who are fully vaccinated;
– The targeted and transparent use of red lists without universal testing or hotel quarantines;
– That the Government rules out the use of border closures and flight bans in response to future variants of concern.

The chief executives say that travel restrictions have had a devastating effect on the UK’s economy, with marginal health benefits.

“This has meant fewer business trips and less investment in our economy, fewer chances for holidays and to reunite with friends and family abroad, and fewer international visitors”, the airline bosses write.

“VisitBritain estimate nearly £50bn in tourism spend from overseas has been lost since the pandemic began – all resulting in less tax revenue to fund public services including the NHS.

“The recovery of the UK’s aviation industry is vital; not just to the more than half a million people working in it, but to everyone who lives and works in the UK.”

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12 thoughts on “Call for end to all travel restrictions”

  1. Money, money, money! It doesn’t occur to them that ceasing all restrictions may actually put some
    roller off flying, when they would have done with the safety measures in place.

    • Can’t keep safety measures in place for ever. Infection rates are dropping in Madeira and UK and if you are double/triple vaccinated then Omicron is little more than a rotten cold(both are corona viruses). People are getting fed up with the restrictions now and being tested all the time. The time has come to stick two fingers up to covid ✌ and get on with our lives.

  2. New measures kick in on Feb 11th in time for half-term. Fully vaccinated people will not need to have tests before or after arrival in England. Wales & Scotland will probably follow suit.

  3. “Restriction free travel for all travellers or at the very least those who are fully vaccinated;”
    Whether fully vaccinated or not, new variants will infect you without exception

    “That the Government rules out the use of border closures and flight bans in response to future variants of concern”
    So if/when a variant crops up that has serious consequences we should carry on as normal?

    The airlines are up shit creek without a paddle at this point and seem to be grasping at straws. The number of mindf^%cked individuals willing to risk infection within a sealed tube for several hours will probably be quite low

    They really did not think this one through

  4. I’m more than happy to travel in a sealed tube for 4 hours to get to Madeira. I don’t think I am more likely to get Covid than going to my local supermarket once a week. I don’t think I’m a mind f^%cked individual but others may disagree.


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