African dust to persist

… as mass Covid testing ends

African dust on a car

The Madeira archipelago will continue to be affected by African dust for a few more days. The origin is North Africa, carried by an easterly wind, a situation that is expected to continue until this Thursday, according to the forecast of Victor Prior, director of the Madeira Delegation of the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA.

“The dust will remain for another three or four days, coming from North Africa, because the wind pulls these particles from the desert areas that then enter the atmospheric circulation and reach the Region”, explained the official to JM.

New Covid guidelines today

The same newspaper reports that the Regional Government is preparing to announce new guidelines against covid-19 today.

The new measures will be revealed at a press conference to be held at the premises of the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection, chaired by Pedro Ramos. The official will take the opportunity to take stock of the epidemiological situation in Madeira.

It is expected that the mass weekly testing that has been in place for some time will end, as of midnight on Tuesday, that is, this morning, with the massive testing of the population, which was being carried out weekly. 

Daily Covid cases drop to 600

In an announcement that is no doubt associated with the new guideline changes, the number of new positive cases fell to just 600 yesterday. Detail as usual are on the link below.

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4 thoughts on “African dust to persist”

  1. Convoy freedom will continue everywhere soon!
    All this world spetacolo going to finish!
    You still publishish this covid garbage completely false figures and info!Who interesting in this?????You are fully dependant Garbage media and involved in the world fascist genocide
    Why you not publish results of the Hague Court re “covid…”???
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  2. The poor visibility due to the Sahara dust can be seen on the live webcams.

    The port website had been showing the cruise ship Spirit of Adventure due in this morning at 08:30 but no sign of her. I checked the ship tracking and she appears to be going straight to Lisbon and missing Funchal out.


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