562 people rescued by the Portuguese Navy

420 maritime search and rescue actions in 2021

Portuguese Navy

Thanks to Jaime for a link to the Portugal News and the story that the Portuguese Navy coordinated during 2021, 420 maritime search and rescue actions and rescued a total of 562 people from the sea. As Jaime notes, at last, a story that is not Covid related!

According to a note published on the Navy’s website, the coordination of the 420 search actions was carried out through the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centres in Lisbon, Ponta Delgada (Azores) and the Funchal Subcentre (Madeira).

The same note states that most of the actions were coordinated by the Lisbon Search and Rescue Coordination Centre (276), which resulted in the rescue of 442 people.

In the Azores archipelago there were 113 search and rescue actions, resulting in the rescue of 79 people.

In the area relating to the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Subcentre, 31 actions were coordinated and 41 people were rescued.

“The effectiveness rate of the maritime search and rescue service exceeds 99%, which constitutes an international reference and an example of excellent operational cooperation”, highlights the statement from the Navy.

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