Horticulturalists are flocking to Madeira

Horticulturalists in Madeira

– so what’s its secret?

Thanks to Maurice Reed for a link to an article in Telegraph Gardening reporting that “Horticulturalists are flocking to Madeira – so what’s its secret?” A lot of readers do not have a subscription to the Telegraph, so I have replicated it here:

Madeira may have a sedate reputation, ............  ...read more

Election too close to call

Portugal's Parliament - election day is Sunday

Main parties neck and neck

The Portugal News reports that as elections near, the distance between the socialists (PS) and social democrats (PSD) had been shortening, with some polls showing that the PSD party has moved fractionally ahead.

Legislative elections will take place on 30 January 2022 to elect members of the Assembly ............  ...read more

“Corruption is the biggest problem”

PAN spokesperson talking about corruption
Professor Joaquim José Sousa

… both in the Region and nationally

With the elections less than a week away, the JM website has a feature on the PAN candidate for the legislative elections who states that corruption “is one of the major problems not only in the Region, but also in the country”, which, in his view, leads to a lack of funds to respond to needs ............  ...read more

Call for end to all travel restrictions

airport arrivals where travel restrictions have impacted

Airline bosses send open letter to UK government

The PA News Agency reports that the chief executives of the UK’s largest airlines have written to the Government to demand an end to coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

In the letter, they ask that travel restrictions be removed “at the very least” for those who are fully vaccinated. They ............  ...read more

Covid: weekly press conference dropped

Weekly press conference held by the Health Secretary

… as daily cases drop below 1,000

The Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection has decided not to continue with the weekly press conferences, in which Pedro Ramos took stock of the week in terms of fighting the pandemic, specifically in terms of the progress of the vaccination campaign and in updating the details of the ............  ...read more

Covid cases fall

Covid graphic as cases fall

Lowest since the start of the year

JM reports that according to the bulletin issued yesterday afternoon by the Regional Directorate for Health, who release the daily updates there are 875 new cases of positive Covid infections in the archipelago in the last 24 hours.

The figure announced for the previous 24-hour period was the lowest ............  ...read more

Porto Santo supplies restored

Rebecca S, which arrived in Porto Santo last night
Rebecca S

Sea connection back to normal

JM reported last night that the ship “Rebecca S” was already in Porto Santo. The container ship, which departed in the afternoon from the port of Caniçal, where it left some cargo and picked up other goods for the “Golden Island”, will now make it possible to regularize ............  ...read more

Inflation returns

Diario headline about inflation

… to pre-pandemic levels

The Diario leads today with a report that inflation has returned to pre-pandemic levels, with annual prices increases running at 1.1%. The newspaper notes that is some pressure being felt in the transport sector, and farmers are feeling the pinch with the rising cost of fertilizer.

In general, inflation ............  ...read more

Covid: 5 deaths in one day

the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal where Covid patients are treated

An unwanted record for Madeira

JM reports that never in a single day had so many sick victims of COVID-19 died in Madeira. Today it was five.

According to a note from the Regional Health and Civil Protection Department, all the patients died at the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal and had associated comorbidities.

There ............  ...read more

Day 2 test to be scrapped

Surge in holiday bookings expected

A number of sources report this morning that UK ministers are preparing to scrap the Day 2 test requirement for fully vaccinated holidaymakers within days.

The FT reports that Thomas Cook and Jet 2 are expecting a surge in bookings for the February half-term as the move could save a family of four ............  ...read more

Caniçal port reopens

Funchal on Friday night

… as Funchal port clears

Jaime reported last night that the Funchalense 5 has departed for Caniçal and the Ilha da Madeira is off Funchal heading the same way so it looks like, as forecast, the port is re-opening this weekend as the wind has shifted to the East and whilst the swell is still bad at Funchal the wind change ............  ...read more

Cargo plane restocks Porto Santo

Essential supplies on the way

Both JM and the Diario reported at lunchtime today that a cargo plane is in the process of taking off from Madeira airport to restock the island of Porto Santo with essential goods, thus dealing with the constraints in the operation by sea due to weather conditions. The sea agitation is not reported ............  ...read more

UK Covid travel restrictions may be lifted

Travel restrictions graphic

What will the new rules be?

National World – not a website I have come across before – report on the possibility that more UK Covid travel restrictions may be lifted, and what the new rules could be.

Boris Johnson has stressed the importance of getting a Covid booster vaccine if people want to travel abroad this summer. ............  ...read more

Supermarket food shortages

Empty shelves betraying food shortages

… in both Porto Santo and Madeira

In addition to Porto Santo, where there were reports of shelves empty of food this morning (pictured), several supermarkets in Madeira have now reported a shortage of some food products.

As previously reported here the situation is due to the strong maritime agitation that has made it impossible for ............  ...read more

Airport closure costs €1.4m per day

Airport headline in the Jornal

… as New York connection suspended

A study carried out by the Tourism Observatory of the University of Madeira indicates that the regional economy loses €1.4 million for each day of inactivity at the airport. 

Élvio Camacho, one of the authors of the work, states that the analysis sample comprises the last two decades and does not ............  ...read more

Port operation a success

Port of Funchal

“Funchalense 5” unloads priority products

The Regional Secretary for the Economy, Rui Barreto, who was at the port of Funchal yesterday afternoon to monitor the unloading of priority products from the container ship “Funchalense 5”, says that this “operation was crowned with success, thanks to the response given, in record ............  ...read more

Another cruise ship unable to dock

Iona which was unable to dock this morning

Iona fails to land 3,000 tourists

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up a report that the cruise ship Iona managed to bring her bow close to the Port of Funchal, but was unable to dock due to the strong swell.

The ship had anticipated its return last night due to bad weather ............  ...read more

Omicron now has 93% prevalence in Portugal

Omicron graphic

…. as another strain detected

Expresso reports today that the Ómicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is now responsible for 93% of infections in Portugal. At the same time another strain has been detected with similar genetic characteristics, announced this Tuesday the Instituto Nacional ............  ...read more

Cattle brought ashore

Cargo ship unloading cattle in Funchal

Cargo ship finally docks

Following on from the previous post, JM reports that the cargo ship ‘Ponta do Sol’ docked in the port of Funchal last night to unload live cattle that had been on board for several days and had run out of feed.

The strong maritime agitation that has, according to the newspaper, “devastated” ............  ...read more

Supply chain problems

Funchalense 5 - one of the supply vessels for Madeira
Funchalense 5

and Ecological Park closed

Containerised supply deliveries delayed: Jaime has been in touch again this morning with an update on weather conditions: turning the focus off Funchal and the cruise ship problems. He noticed the container ships Ilhéu da Madeira (green arrow – below – heading North), Funchalense 5 (green ............  ...read more

Covid laboratory facilities upgraded

New laboratory facilities

“Latest in laboratory automation”

The excellent FN website reports that a press release from the regional health authority SESARAM says that the laboratory of the Clinical Pathology Service has updated its analysis equipment with the introduction of Roche’s unique “cobas” ............  ...read more

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