Traders welcome market night

Antigen tests stolen

Market night

JM reports that traders at Mercado dos Lavradores have applauded the new measures for Market Night. The Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado confirmed the news yesterday about the occasion proceeding but with the elimination of food and drink stalls and believes it is possible to reconcile the festival with the protection of public health. 

Alongside Market Night, he main headline in JM today is that ll Municipal Emergency Plans of the Madeira municipalities are in non-compliance. Most need to be revised, others have expired, and in Ponta do Sol, for example, there is not even any strategy approved in the event of a catastrophe.

Antigen tests stolen

The same newspaper reports that the Ajuda Medical Clinic was the target of a robbery this week. The assailant stole eight boxes, each containing 25 quick tests of covid-19.

The 200 stolen tests were on the premises as Ajuda Medical Clinic prepared to respond to the need for Madeirans to carry out weekly antigen tests to access certain spaces, as required by the new regulations.

Traders welcome market night 1

The theif was unable to steal all the tests that had been acquired recently, but JM knows that this occurrence is causing consternation in those responsible for the clinic who had a plan in place to start the test.

The administration called the PSP that took care of the occurrence. According to a source at the clinic, it is likely that the robbery took place during the day, with the space open to the public, as there are no signs of a break in. The tests were stored in private area of ​​the clinic according to staff there.

The clinic managed, however, to acquire more tests, in order to follow the planned testing plan. Each test cost the clinic €1.60, but for the service the Regional Government pays €15 per test.

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