Testing: positivity just 0.4%

Nearly 1m tests performed so far

Following up on a couple of comments about testing figures recently, Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos by chance yesterday revealed the positivity rate that has department was experiencing when conducting the extensive testing being undertaken on the island.

Stressing that the Regional Government continues to monitor the pandemic evolution, Pedro Ramos says that Madeira is “the only region in the country” that is massively testing and asks the population not to be alarmed by the number of cases in recent days, since that the positivity rate in the Region is 0.4%.

“It is necessary to see that our positivity rate, despite having more than 500,000 tests per 100,000 inhabitants, is 0.4%”, therefore, “there is no need to be too alarmed”, added the government official, noting that 38 people hospitalized, only two are in intensive care.

500,000 tests were carried out in one month

At the conference taking place yesterday afternoon at the Regional Health Department, Pedro Ramos revealed that 925,170 antigen tests have already been carried out in 71 collection stations, with 14 new stations opened this week. In a month, more than 500,000 tests were carried out.

On the occasion, the government official revealed that of the 71 collection stations, 48 ​​are pharmacies and 23 are clinics, with 14 new stations already in place. It was also announced that December 24, 25 and 26, will see some testing posts open – information about times and places are available on the IASAUDE website.

Latest vaccination levels

Madeira is more protected but more needs to be vaccinated, revealed Pedro Ramos, at yesterday’s press conference at the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection. He said that “87% of the vaccination has started and 85% is complete” and has again called for the population to be vaccinated, as cases are increasing in Portugal and worldwide.

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  1. That is rather reassuring. I thought it might look worse than it actually is, and this article confirms that. Still, we are happy to live in the West, where the risk is relatively small. This year, I think we will skip the fireworks and just watch them on TV, and we will only go to Funchal when we really have to.


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