TAP proposals “a disaster”

Market Night of Hope

JM headline "TAP solution a disaster"

Following on from yesterday’s post about the EU considering the national flag-carrier TAP as viable, JM puts a local angle on the same proposed bail-out of the airline, reporting that Regional President Miguel Albuquerque considers the solution a disaster.

He did the math and told the newspaper that TAP’s restructuring plan, which will cost “almost 350 euros for each Portuguese”, is “a disaster”. Therefore, it considers “unacceptable” the “astronomical prices for Madeira”, which can, however, benefit from the transfer of slots from TAP, with Ryanair and easyJet admitting to being prepared to enhance their operation in the Region.

Market Night of Hope

The same newspaper’s photographic highlight is given to a traditional street in the city of Funchal, which is decorated for an iconic night in the region. JM observes that it is a “night of hope for trade”. “Traders have bolstered stocks, but are not entirely confident that today’s Market Night will be enough to offset what the pandemic has taken. Still, they report, fruit and vegetable marketers and sellers are ready and prepared to meet the demand”.

Don’t forget that the traditional street stalls will not be in evidence this year, with Market Night planned to be a more subdued affair.

Coronavirus – new record high

Yesterday saw a new record high number of cases recorded in Madeira in the previous 24 hours – details on the update link immediately below as usual.

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found in an earlier post

Travel latest: requirements for entering and leaving Madeira: is kept up-to-date on a previous post

New restrictions: a detailed updated explanation of the latest regulations can be found here

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  1. Under EU rules there are no alternatives Maurice, its just that EU rules only apply to UK before and even after we left.
    From what I’ve seen of MA over past few years, he seems to have turned into that very rare of breeds ” a political statesman”
    Enjoy your christmas one and all and me and Jane wish everyone a better 22 than 21 as been.


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