Omicron may be dominant in Madeira

No official figures yet …

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There is still no official data, but the Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos admitted today to the newspaper JM that, like on the continent, Omicron may already be the dominant variant in Madeira.

“Right now, we have nothing to say”, apart from an Omicron case already confirmed and previously transmitted, but if the variant is already “predominant” in the continent, close to 76%, “in the Region it won’t be much different”, admitted the minister responsible for Health in Madeira, during a press conference to assess the fight against the pandemic this afternoon.

Families urged to be cautious

The regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection today appealed to Madeirans who may present any symptoms associated with COVID-19, including the less aggressive Omicron variant, that “they do not attend any meetings, including family members”.

At today’s press conference, which gave rise to a strong appeal for parents to vaccinate their children aged between 5 and 11, Pedro Ramos urged people to also avoid closed spaces with crowds of people.

“We are testing massively and this is the strategy for this area,” he said, not announcing any new restrictions other than those currently in place.

He also said that the Public Health emergency unit is monitoring all possible infections, including Omicron, and that if anyone has a positive rapid test, they will be contacted to do the PCR. Ramos wants to avoid a flood of calls to the helpline.

Finally, he said that it is not possible to compare the new cases that appear with last year’s data, because today most people are vaccinated and not before.

Bar closures possible

If the bars in Zona Velha and Rua das Fontes continue to behave like they used to, with some outbreaks appearing almost daily, certain “zones” will be closed to the public.

Pedro Ramos said this afternoon that he is studying the possibility of closing or not some bars in the city of Funchal. “If there are still cases” arising from these bars, the Regional Government is “seriously thinking about closing the establishments”, he added. By Wednesday, the decision will be taken on these locations, as the behavior of customers at these locations is being studied daily, as well as access to these bars. “If necessary, we close the bars,” he finished.

Porto Santo continues to cause concern

The epidemiological situation in Porto Santo continues to cause concern. Pedro Ramos revealed that the island currently has 174 active cases, which are at risk of extreme transmissibility.

1st Omicron case in Madeira – update:

Since this post was first published a reader responded to the original post opposite requesting that the post be corrected – his Comment can be found on that first post and makes interesting reading – he believes he may be that first case

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3 thoughts on “Omicron may be dominant in Madeira”

  1. Good news though that there are no individuals currently in intensive care backing up recent studies concluding that whilst Omicron is more transmissible it is significantly less deadly. Let’s hope this now plays out to a satisfactory conclusion and Madeira can return to a more stable situation.

  2. It was only 12 days ago that there was the first reported case of the omicron variant in Madeira. Now it is dominant with 238 cases (approx 76% of reported no.) daily! That is very rapid spread


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