New Year’s Eve sees 794 new cases

Lockdown in New Year?

New Year's Eve sees 794 new cases 1

New Year’s Eve in the archipelago sees a huge rise in the number of positive cases to a record 794 recorded in the previous 24 hours according to figures released by the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection yesterday. Again there is no percentage given in relation to the number of tests conducted, which must also be at an all-time high as people prepare to go out on New Year’s Eve and at least some of these will require the 7-day LFT negative test to attend organised events and larger venues.

Goodness knows what numbers today and the ensuing days will see, as credible rumours spread around Funchal of a temporary lockdown in Madeira after the New Year – in common with many other countries.

42 cases are imported, with the remaining attributed to local transmission. There has also been another death recorded – this being a 79-year-old man who was vaccinated. Another 164 cases were classified as recovered, giving a total number of 3,123 active cases at this point in time (165 of these being imported). 36 cases are currently hospitalised and 106 cases remain confined to the dedicated hotel unit in Funchal.

Update December 31:

Maximum cases exceeded again! Madeira registered this afternoon, according to the health authority’s daily bulletin,1,157 cases, the highest number so far. Of the reported cases in the last 24 hours, only 64 are imported. There are today 257 recovered cases, according to the report by the Regional Directorate of Health.

Today there was also one more death, so that the region accounts, to date, a total of 134 deaths associated with COVID-19. There are now 4022 active cases, of which 215 are imported cases and 3807 are of local transmission.

Update January 1:

Madeira reported, on the first day of the year, 1001 new cases of COVID-19, having, at the moment, 4822 active infections. 27 of these are imported, 974 by local transmission.

There are another 201 recovered cases to report, according to the Regional Directorate of Health. There are 44 hospitalised, three of which are in Intensive Care. 110 people remain in isolation in the dedicated hotel unit in Funchal.

Update January 2:

On this second day of the New Year, the Region reported, according to the Regional Directorate of Health, 1,034 new infections by SARS-CoV-2 and another 304 recovered, bringing the total number of active cases right now to 5,551. 122 of the new cases were imported.

Sadly there has been another victim of the disease – an 83-year-old woman has sadly died, making up 135 of the deaths already registered in Madeira since the start of the pandemic. The Region currently has 56 people hospitalized at the dr. Nélio Mendonça because of covid-19.Of these, four are in intensive care. One hundred and ten are in isolation in a hotel unit.

Update January 3:

Today there are 1043 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection reported in Madeira. These are 45 imported cases and 998 cases of local transmission. There are 285 recovered, do there are currently 6,308 active cases, of which 363 are imported and 5,945 are of local transmission.

There is one more mortal victim to mourn, a 75-year-old woman with comorbidities, who was unvaccinated, bringing to 136 the number of deaths associated with COVID-19 in the Region.

The graphic below is from the Diario and shows the number of active cases of COVID-19 in Madeira each day since the start of the year:

New Year's Eve sees 794 new cases 3

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9 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve sees 794 new cases”

  1. At this point positive case counts are meaningless, just like counting the common flu or head colds.
    Since almost all the people with positive results have 2 or more jabs, I guess the vaccines are not all that they are cracked up to be.
    In parts of Canada the only people eligible for free PCR tests are high risk individuals that are symptomatic, if you feel that you are sick they say stay home and isolate for 5 days.

    • Fred’s, the vaccines are certainly “all they are cracked up to be” in that they are keeping most people out of hospital and from dying. They reduce but don’t prevent all infections, particularly with Omicron which is highly transmissible but milder. I do agree that simply counting positives is meaningless, hospitalisations are the only data that count now, currently low and stable.

      • Any “vaccine” that you have to take every 3 months is more like a medical treatment than a vaccine. Vaccinated people still end up in the hospital and still die from COVID even with the “booster”.
        All the vacations that I took 60 years ago as a child never had to be “boosted” because they were effective.

    • 8 out of 10 hospital admissions are from the unvaccinated. 9 out of 10 people dying from Covid are unvaccinated. The vaccines have saved us from an unimaginable level of death and sufferring despite immune escape from variants.
      Case counts certainly mean much less than they used to thanks to vaccines and in the case of omicron a variant that cause milder disease with significantly fewer hospital admissions. Sky rocketing case counts though even if less lethal can cause a lot of hospitalizations just because of the sheer number of cases. In the US where I reside hospitalizations have doubled since November. Since vaccination rates are much higher in Madeira than in the US hopefully hospitalization rates will remain low/stable as they have in recent weeks.

  2. Hopefully cases will fall dramatically in the New Year without need for a lock down. The cases are not translating into more hospitalisations and deaths so the situation is well under control.

  3. We can all look forward to many more mutations of SarsCov2 in 2022
    Some will have mild symptoms and some severe, there will be no escape for any of us

    The one thing that will not change, is the fact that no laboratory on Earth has yet to isolate said virus beyond reasonable doubt
    I for one prefer to go with CDC recommendations as opposed to the mandates of headless palpitations

    Feel free to look up the latest from the CDC and remove those masks, PCR and other testing methods have also been underlined as having little if no efficacy and as such should stop being used

    This comes as no surprise due to the lack of isolation in the lab, how can you plug a dyke with your finger if you cannot find the hole?
    Our only hope now are the people who chose common sense and refused to obey, they will provide us all with immunity via transmission

    I for one hope that the immune system of vaccinated individuals does not overreact to the new strains that will appear as this seems to be a ticking time bomb

    A healthy new year to all and try to keep your immune system exercised

  4. With the total number of active cases in early January, the infection rate is approaching 1in 50! Good job that Omicron is so mild – although I haven’t seen any figure for how many cases are now Omicron?


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