Mother kidnaps boys to avoid vaccination

Call for Spanish government to stop vaccinating children

Anti-vaccination protest in Spain
Anti-vax protest in Spain

Vaccination avoidance: Both The Times and The Telegraph reports that Spanish police are searching for two boys whose father believes their mother “kidnapped” them because she disagreed with a court decision allowing them to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Cristina Mariscal disappeared with the boys, aged 12 and 14, in November, and has issued an ultimatum saying she will allow David Kau, her ex-husband, to regain shared custody if he promises not to have them vaccinated.

Her lawyer told an online newspaper that she would come out of hiding with her two sons, Diego and Hugo, if either the Spanish government stopped vaccinating children or if Mr Kau made a legal commitment not to take them for jabs. Mr Kau, who is American and lives in Seville, is “mad with worry about
the possibility he will never see his sons again”, Javier Toucedo, his lawyer, told The Daily Telegraph.

“Absurd campaign against vaccination”

He described Ms Mariscal as “an activist using her children to pursue her absurd campaign against vaccination”. In Spain, 86% of 12- to 18-year-olds have been fully vaccinated against Covid, and jabs for children between five and eleven are now on offer.

The divorced couple took their dispute over vaccination to court, with the judge deciding that Mr Kau should have the final say. On November 4, Mr Kau, along with the boys’ school in Seville and the court, received a certified letter in which Ms Mariscal said she was taking her sons away to protect them against what she believes are the dangerous side-effects of vaccination.

Mr Kau’s lawyer said that his client reported his former partner to police on December 16 after she stopped responding to his phone calls following a second court ruling awarding him full custody. He subsequently reported his ex-wife for kidnapping, and the Guardia Civil police have now listed the two boys as officially missing as they cannot locate them at the Jerez de la Frontera address of Ms Mariscal’s partner in Andalusia. His lawyer said that Ms Mariscal has business interests in London and that her partner has property in Uruguay, leading Mr Kau to fear that they may have left Spain.

Apparently ther had been arguments between the parents over vaccinations pre-dated the coronavirus pandemic. The boys have received some but not all of the usual vaccines for polio and tetanus. He added that Kau planned to give them the full range of those vaccines, but had not yet decided whether he would give his children the coronavirus vaccine.

The mother’s lawyer, Borja Gomez Martinez-Fresneda, said that her client had not committed a crime and that she was justified in hiding her children to protect their health. His client “feared the potential serious side effects” of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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