Marine biodiversity investigated

in Porto Santo documentary

Still from marine biodiversity documentary
Photo DR

The Diario reports that today, at 9:50 pm, the documentary MARE@Porto Santo 2020 will be broadcast on the local TV Channel RTP-Madeira, a work that portrays the scientific expedition investigating marine biodiversity carried out in Porto Santo in October 2020, by researchers from MARE – Centre for Marine and Environmental Sciences, Madeira.

The mission, which aimed to assess the marine biodiversity of the island of Porto Santo, lasted 5 days and involved 27 researchers of 7 nationalities, 3 boats, 1 manned submersible, 1 ROV (remotely operated vehicle) and drones. 10,000 aerial images were collected, more than 50 sampling stations analyzed and 7 dissemination activities were carried out.

In this documentary, the spectator has the opportunity to learn about some methodologies and equipment used by scientists and see images of habitats that had not yet been explored.

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