Flights increase to Madeira

Record number of direct connections

JM headline that flights incxrease

JM reports that the region’s airports will end the year with a new record of direct flights connecting to the archipelago. In December alone flights from 24 countries will have arrived in Madeira or Porto Santo. For the secretary of Tourism, this addition is the result of the image of a safe destination. Madeira airport gains a new flight from Russia in February as reported in a previous post yesterday.

The Front Page highlights the magical night to come on New Year’s Eve. “Madeirans fulfill the tradition of fire” says the newspaper, and reports that last-minute purchases confirm that restrictions are not affecting business. Funchal will welcome 13 ships – as reported here already -and a sailboat tomorrow. Eight firing stations for the firework display are already installed. 

On a slight downside, the usual seasonal circus on the seafront in Funchal has complained about the lack of people. Circo Dallas is currently promoting a discount on their Facebook page offering €5 off an adult ticket and €3 off a child ticket.

Covid: new cases remain above 300

310 new positive cases were announced in the Region yesterday – full details on the link below as usual.

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found in an earlier post

Travel latest: requirements for entering and leaving Madeira: is kept up-to-date on a previous post

New restrictions: a detailed updated explanation of the latest regulations can be found here

6 thoughts on “Flights increase to Madeira”

  1. Yes, they need to ensure controls are in place but the key parameter is numbers of hospitalisations which remain low. I’m sure Omnicron will run out of steam soon and in the meantime it is significantly less harmful than Delta.

    • I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, governments are always the last to adapt to new facts. They keep using the number of transmissions as the main factor, whereas the number of hospitalisations should be the number that counts. Also, it is no surprise that the massive testing taking place in Madeira results in high positive numbers. Nobody seems to be able to keep decent track of the percentage, which really would tell a lot more than just the number of positive results. I, for one, keep feeling very safe here. Having said that, I mostly stick to the quiet West and avoid central Funchal if I can.

  2. Well numbers are going up and as a tourist we’ve been stuck for five days now as one of our group tested positive on lft. PCR completed but no communication what so ever from the health authorities…. Feeling very frustrated.

  3. Madeira really needs to look at the airport passenger capacity…!..? On a busy day its an absolute shambles…! (more than 200 people in a que for out going Passport Checks & only two persons slowly checking Passports (approx 1 Passport per minute, get it sorted…! ) As for the departure lounges… One example last week 189 people at gate 15, now told to move 20ft to gate 17…! you couldn’t make it up…!


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