Covid numbers continue to grow

371 new cases and a death per day

JM, announcing another 371 cases of Covid

JM has, in relatively “fine print” on its front page, the news that the Region yesterday announced yet another new record 371 positive cases of COVID-19 in the previous 24 hour period. Details are as usual on the link below.

Sadly there were another two deaths recorded that were attributed to Covid, taking the total to 27 so far this month. The newspaper reports that despite the growth in new cases (graphic from the Diario below), Madeira does not plan to interfere with the restrictive measures – “the Government maintains the known limitations and does not plan to add others”. 

The rather spectacular growth in new cases is illustrated in the graphic from the Diario below, with the new cases over the last ten days in detail reading: 163; 165; 189; 252; 268; 264; 295; 178; 325; and now 371. The trend is undeniable, and clearly, the Regional Government are comfortable letting it continue, wanting to reap the economic benefit of the New Year before taking any action.

The details of where you can obtain your free test (every seven days – residents and tourists alike) have been amended slightly over the New Year and can be found here.

Covid numbers continue to grow 1
Covid numbers continue to grow 3

The main photo on the front page of JM refers to the Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, visiting Quinta da Alegria yesterday, which houses the Francisco Simões Arts Centre, and inviting the sculptor to “fix in Funchal as much as possible” of his vast collection. 

They visited the Matadouro of Funchal (old Slaughterhouse?), where some of his works are kept. The work was transferred from Sintra, on the mainland, to Sao Roque two years ago and the mayor has in mind the future municipal building which is taking shape, in the area of
Ribeira de Joao Gomes, resulting of the rehabilitation of the extinct Matadouro of Funchal.

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  1. As long as the ICU patients do not increase no reason to worry, imho. The high rate of vaccinated people on the mainland and on Madeira seem to prevent severe illness through Omicron.
    But still, masks and awareness will be needed not to spread the virus.


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