Another cruise ship cancels

AIDAnova crew have Coronavirus

AIDAnova cruise ship cancels visit to Funchal

Thanks to resident nautical expert Jaime, who is keeping an eye on marine traffic around Madeira, it looks like another cruise ship has pulled out of … Read more

Johnson’s Omicron gamble

Pandemic “superspreader” event tonight

Boris Johnson, who is making an Omicron gamble

A well-written piece of analysis in The Times this morning describing how Boris Johnson’s Omicron gamble is facing a critical New Year’s Eve test:

“Viruses like

Read more

Cruise ship cancels

‘Amera’ cancels after Covid cases onboard

Amera cruise ship, which has cancelled its visit to Madeira

The ship ‘Amera’, which was to join twelve other cruises to watch the fireworks tomorrow, cancelled its scheduled visit to Madeira for the New … Read more

Flights increase to Madeira

Record number of direct connections

JM headline that flights incxrease

JM reports that the region’s airports will end the year with a new record of direct flights connecting to the archipelago. In December alone flights from … Read more

Covid numbers continue to grow

371 new cases and a death per day

JM, announcing another 371 cases of Covid

JM has, in relatively “fine print” on its front page, the news that the Region yesterday announced yet another new record 371 … Read more

EU stops recognising British blue badges

… Portugal included

New British blue badge

MSN News reports that British disability blue badges are no longer being recognised in major holiday destinations across Europe thanks to the fallout from Brexit, the government … Read more

COVID-19: Another record high

… and Madeira moves to “extremely high risk” level

JM reporting another record high

Both local papers lead with the headline that the Region reached a new record high yesterday when 325 cases in the … Read more

New Year’s Eve schedule

Events slightly different to usual

New Year's Eve schedule for Madeira

Many readers have been in touch asking that the blog takes the emphasis away from Coronavirus/vaccine-related controversy and try and re-introduce Madeira-related items. Among them … Read more

PCR test rip-off continues

‘Alphabet hacking’ still used to rip off travellers

original report on the rip-off
Blog: July 17 this year

Having travelled quite a lot recently, and speaking to others that have come to Madeira from the … Read more

Costa: “war is not over”

Portuguese PM’s Christmas speech

Portuguese PM Costa

The Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, in his traditional Christmas message yesterday, highlighted that the war against COVID-19 is not over, considerinng it essential to continue … Read more

COVID-19: Christmas sees new high

295 new positive cases

Ambulance dealing with COVID victims

On Christmas day, 295 new cases of COVID-19 infection were reported in Madeira, the highest daily number since the start of the pandemic. The Region now counts … Read more

Cloud and rain for Christmas Day

Poor Christmas weather set to continue?

Cloud and rain for Christmas Day 34

The Diario reports online this morning that the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA predicts for this Christmas day, December 25th, generally cloudy skies and periods … Read more

Comments to be manually approved

… for a while

Comments to be manually approved 47

The blog seems to have been targeted for a few weeks with a deluge of Comments from conspiracy theorists on the subject of vaccinations against Coronavirus. … Read more

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