Vaccine denial protests

Demonstrators object to new restrictions

Protest outside Qta Vigia

JM report on the words of Sara Santo, one of the protesters who took part in the protest yesterday morning outside Qta Vigia, the official residence of the Regional President Miguel Albuquerque: “No one can be discriminated against for not being vaccinated. We are united and we will be eternally united in several demonstrations that we will do throughout the month to determine, once and for all, that this is unconstitutional”.

“It is the unvaccinated who are within the law and Miguel Albuquerque is committing a crime. He will end up in prison”, says Helena Alves, another protester who is part of the group. Absolutely against the president “who should be the first to honour the law”, Helena claims that an international criminal complaint will be filed against Albuquerque.

In the peaceful demonstration, the group appealed to the population that if they have an employer who demands the vaccine to proceed with a criminal complaint against the employer. “It seems that the first defenders of Freedom are trying to align themselves with the Dictatorship”, he concluded.

Miguel Albuquerque, quizzed by journalists about the protests, commented that: “I prefer the demonstration that is taking place at Madeira Tecnopolo” – see the previous post.

Albuquerque explains that the implementation of more restrictive measures in Madeira was based on the recent increase in positive cases. He believes it necessary “to maintain the medical capacity to treat actual and potential patients and there is no place for games”. And he continued: “If the pandemic is expanding, it is my obligation and that of the Government to do everything to prevent its expansion. We can’t just play, this is a very serious thing”, he stressed.

He gives as an example the growth of transmission chains. “At the beginning of the week, we had 70 identified chains and we are already over 120. If it increases too much, we will lose control of these chains and enter into a sanitary collapse”, he reinforced.

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12 thoughts on “Vaccine denial protests”

  1. Ao lamentável que se está a chegar! Criar cisões artificiais, bipolarizar, discriminar socialmente vacinados e não vacinados! Inacreditável! Ainda se aguarda saber a semântica, o conceito e o significado que se quer atribuir ao verbo transitivo recomendar. Fazer ver, aconselhar, lembrar, recomendar, sugerir etc? Ou será o antônimo, interditar, impedir, barrar, banir, vedar, desautorizar etc? Terá sido usada a forma verbal recomendar de modo cirúrgico porque poderia conflituar com leis fundamentais da Constituição da
    dnoticias comments,

    República Portuguesa, tornando parte das medidas inconstitucionais e como tal desprovidas de efeito? Recomendar?! Dá que pensar!
    É bem verdade que estas medidas também prejudicam os vacinados, uma vez que obrigam a fazer testes
    semanais com as inevitáveis perdas de tempo em filas de espera.
    yes vaxxy will also have grande problema with the new terror rules.
    one will need green passport to poo in the public toilet, and if u are in a big rush, well, good luck…technopolo line ups and panic everywhere.
    mor..s govern EU and Madeira is committing harakiri now.
    hell is coming. this is just small beginning.
    if u think government is here and there, to help citizens, good luck.
    In Austria a grande panic took Vienna, never seen since russian invasion in 1945.
    vaxx and no vaxx all are doomed there —same rules to all, so what’s the point to be vaxxed?

  2. If this really is unconstitutional, sanitary collapse prevention argument carries zero weight.
    All recent (last few centuries) bad and inhumane policies in our history were implemented “for greater good”.
    Constitution is not a list of recommendations for politicians to twist and ignore whenever they want to do so.

  3. I offer this interview for people interested about the vaccines. This is juts ONE scientist telling you what you, and what everyone, should know and what your doctor should have told you so that you can decide whether you want to be injected.
    This is an interview from June 2021. Today, there is much more knowledge about the vaccines and there are many more warnings and pleas from honest, ethical doctors, academics and scientisst to stop the injections and stop any measures, which have never been about health and about pandemic control, but about total control of the world population by corporations and billionaires who governments represent. Governments ensure freedom for corporations, for the rich, while our freedom is being progressively and agressively, brutally, annulled.
    Interview with Dr Jessica Rose who is studying the damage caused by the mass vaccinations with mRNA injections against Covid-19

    This is an interview with Dr. Jessica Rose, whos is warning that the damage fro vaccines can be monumental.
    COVID VACCINES ANALYZED. Dr. Jessica Rose is studying the damage caused by the mass vaccinations with mRNA injections against Covid-19. She has found that the damage became visible early in the vaccine campaign, but that the world community has still only seen a fraction of the actual damage caused by the injections.

    • I’ve had 7 vaccinations in the last year; 3 covid, 2 flu, 1 pneumonia & 1 shingles.

      I am fit and healthy 70 years old and am getting sick of the lies and scaremongering from numpties like you.

      Go peddle your bullshit somewhere else.

      • In a free democratic society, it is perfectly legitimate for someone to post a link to an interview with a scientist, a PHD (who, incidentally, is traditionally PRO vaccine) regardless of whether the opinion / research offered by said scientist aligns with the message of the government of the day (or the beliefs your sovereign self) or otherwise.

  4. Uma rapariga com 14 anos acaba de sofrer uma paragem cardiorrespiratória na Avenida Luís de Camões, no Bairro do Hospital, no Funchal.

    Os Bombeiros Sapadores do Funchal e a EMIR reanimaram a jovem e transportaram-na para o hospital.
    after the first shot!!!

  5. I can’t quite match Maricereeds number of vaccines but have received six in the last 12 months. The biggest inconvenience was a slightly sore arm for 24 hours after my flu jab. Serious side effects are vanishingly rare. Dying from Covid whilst unvaccinated much less so.

  6. Sadly the ignorant and selfish are showing themselves up. It is al me me me and no thought for the vulnerable who might catch this virus and ultimately die. The whole World’s health organisations are wrong and these anti vaxers think they are right. It is laughable. A senior member of intensive care units reported that the majority of people in intensive care fighting for breath are young fit 20 to 39 year olds who thought it would not happen to them. It is a shame but some of these people will have to learn the hard way.


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