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The travel requirements to/from Madeira and the UK have been pretty standard for some while since the country status flags were effectively scrapped. However, some technical adjustments have been introduced recently, as expressed in various comments posted to the blog. In particular, these seem to concern the printing of some documents.

Maurice Reed has once again leapt bravely into the breach and re-written the travel requirements page that is always linked to in the amber bar below every post. As a regular traveller between the two islands, Maurice is ideally suited to do this and I am sure that readers will appreciate his usual efforts.

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4 thoughts on “Travel requirements updated”

  1. The NHS Covid Pass doesn’t have the functionality to show the third ( booster ) details at present though it is apparently being “worked on” and hopefully will do in the near future.
    The business card sized vaccination record is not accepted as proof, but we photocopied both the double jab one and the booster one onto the printed PDF download from the NHS app as at least it’s something you can show at present, though the third vaccination isn’t a mandatory requirement – for now !

    Some airlines may tell you to register with Madeira Safe 48 hrs before arrival on the Island you can do it in advance of that 48 hrs – we did it 6 days before this time.
    Being already registered from a previous visit I noted that when logging in to the system, our previous uploaded vaccination details were held in our account but aware that the NHS Covid pass QR code expires on a monthly basis I decided to “play safe” and upload our details again which showed as ” awaiting validation”.

    However after completion I clicked on the QR code icon and found that we had been already given ‘ Dark Green’ QR code status so I’m assuming they used the vaccination details held on file.


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