TAP New Year’s prices “pornographic”!

‘Madeira de Lés a Lés’

JM headline on TAP prices

JM leads with a report that at the end of the year, those who want to travel from Lisbon to the Region on TAP must pay four times more than those who travel in the opposite direction. Paris and London are also cheaper than Madeira on TAP. Regional President Miguel Albuquerque insists the costs are “pornographic” and PSD leadership candidate Paulo Rangel questions the 3,200 million euros that Costa injected into the national carrier.

‘Madeira de Lés a Lés’

JM’s front page photographic highlight is breathtaking. Hikers open up the ‘Madeira de Lés a Lés‘. Rain or shine, every Saturday a group of hikers faces paths and levadas that are difficult to access, perpetuating the moments in photographic records and videos on the ‘Madeira Lés a Lés’ Facebook page. 26,000 followers enjoy idyllic images.

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  1. Is Socialism weakening…? The old guard has long gone & the new type of government is probably dipping its nose in the trough? Just like every other corrupt inept government (UK being a good example) The theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community…? One thing will always be a fact, the rich get richer & the tax payer pays for it…The government should have a word with TAP as they have had a good hand with the begging bowl…?


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