Simulated cable car rescue

Full scale exercise planned for today

Cable car above Funchal - the scene of a simulated rescue today

The Diario reports that the Regional Civil Protection Service, in partnership with the cable car operator Teleféricos da Madeira, will carry out a full-scale simulated exercise today, at 4:30 pm.

The aim of the simulated exercise, code-named “LIVEX”, is to get mountain rescue teams operational, with those specialising in the cable car environment conducting training exercises that appear as real as possible. 

Five simulated scenarios

By creating five scenarios over the course of the Funchal cable car, the simulated exercises will create several opportunities to rehearse in situations including a random stop of the cable car, using platforms and a ladder, as well as “vertical and guided rescue techniques”.

The simulation will feature the participation of elements assigned to the Regional fire brigades, Service Municipal Civil Protection of Funchal and Public Security Police.

To accommodate all the activity, circulation in Rua do Arcipreste and in the Tunnel of Campo da Barca will be restricted.

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