Ryanair to debut today?

… but not the start of regular flights

Ryanair post from Facebook

The Diario reports that Ryanair may debut at Madeira Airport today, quoting as their source the Facebook post from Aviação TV

Their Facebook page said yesterday:

“the Irish low-cost airline, Ryanair, should make its debut tomorrow at Madeira Airport. Although it is not yet the beginning of regular flights, the Boeing 737 Max is scheduled to arrive at 16:40 local time and depart on Tuesday at 15:00, according to a source from the sector to Aviação TV”.

Ryanair has requested slots for the Funchal operation for the course of this IATA winter, but there are not yet details about a possible regular operation.

On the recruitment site associated with the low-cost carrier, vacancies are already available for line maintenance in Funchal, which confirms the preparation for future operations in the region.

Aviação TV

The plane later arrived as expected – video below – but the six Ryanair delegates declined to comment to journalists when they departed quite soon afterwards. A press conference is expected to be later on Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “Ryanair to debut today?”

    • Unless you are flying from Ireland I wouldn’t bother as they are only flying from Dublin which at least gives the Irish a long missed opportunity to visit Madeira.

  1. I would rather fly Air France and turn left at the top of the steps but they don’t fly into Madeira. Ryanair will give me one more choice and by flying to Madeira will keep other airlines prices down. I have no doubt if Ryanair decide to fly Birmingham/Madeira, Jet 2 fares will come down as they have from Bristol and EasyJet.


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