Ryanair operational from summer 2022

40 new weekly flights and 10 routes possible

Ryanair plane

The Diario reports that Ryanair will set up an operational base in Madeira and will begin flying to the Region in the summer of 2022. This operation opens up the possibility of 40 new weekly frequencies and 10 routes – five of which will directly connect the archipelago to new destinations. The information will be announced shortly at a press conference.

The Irish airline operates 11 airports in the VINCI network and is the second-largest operator in ANA’s network of airports. Ryanair currently operates on three Portuguese runways: Lisbon, Porto and Faro, with Madeira being the fourth ‘base’.

More details

The summer of 2022 will see the installation of an operational base for Ryanair and direct connection to 10 destinations – five of which are new (Dublin, Milan, Marseille, Paris Beauvais and Nuremberg). In order to make all this operational, the Irish airline will invest 200 million euros and will create 60 direct jobs.

This operation will immediately guarantee 350,000 new seats, which will represent a 22% increase in passenger transport. There are still 189,000 seats available in domestic operation.

Miguel Albuquerque guarantees that the mobility offer reinforces the arrival of tourism and guarantees greater mobility for Madeirans in particular and Portuguese in general.

Ryanair later confirmed that it would be offering flights for April and May 2022 on sale from 25th November for as little as €29.99

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found in an earlier post

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12 thoughts on “Ryanair operational from summer 2022”

  1. I wouldn’t fly O’Leary airlines on principle. As for the Airport they need to up their game & airlines get more staff on check in & especially passport control they are a disgrace. You want more tourist Euro’s however your airport can’t cope, shape up..! Get your begging bowl out to the “EU” & get some more concrete stilts & build for the future..? Or you won’t have one…? Passengers can only take so much, before they go elsewhere…? I recently had to endure a 3 hour check in & passport control, not happy…!

    • Love, have you seen the wait at Heathrow and Gatwick lately? First world airport, but not enough workers, queuing for hours.

      Think you’ll find this is a problem for many airport globally.

  2. Some dissapointingly stupid over-reactionary, tantrum comments here – more like twittersphere!. For myself, I recently found Jet2 to be the most comfortable of the budget airlines, in every respect. However we also flew Ryaniair to Spain recently and it was nowhere near as bad as their reputation implied. I would have no issue flying with them again; indeed if they fly from Exeter to Madeira – I’d fly with no-one else!.

  3. OK lets do the maths, at £260 return for 2 people who buy 400 cigs ( the new allowance ) saving £180 on the UK price the net cost of a day trip to madeira is £80 for the two of them. some other costs, but a good day out !!!!

  4. I have flown Ryanair to quite a few different destinations, including Faro, Dublin and Budapest. They advertise themselves as a ‘low cost’ airline and they are very competitive. From personal experience I found Ryanair to be excellent and would not hesitate to use them again. They rely on quick turnarounds and at Faro, boarding passengers were through the departure lounge and on the tarmac waiting for all arriving passengers to disembark. As soon as the last passengers had left the plane, we boarded and the captain started to taxi for takeoff. The whole operation was accomplished in under an hour! That is why you cannot be late to the departure gate if you fly Ryanair.

    • I did a quick comparison between Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2, flying Manchester/Madeira. Depart April 4th Return April 18. Seats only.
      Ryanair £310

      EasyJet £355

      Jet2 £646

      I bet Jet2 start reducing their prices.

      • …..seats only……

        Nowadays on O’Leary airlines, you pay to bring your laptop (as it does not fit in the reduced dimensions handluggage), and also you might want to bring hold baggage.
        It would be interesting to compare seat + all of those.
        Furthermore, do you trust O’Leary airlines to have enough tickets at that price?
        Oh, and don’t drink or eat on the airplane – unless you just won their on board O’Leary lottery.
        I don’t mean to nag, but let’s keep our feet on the ground (rather then flying O’Leary airlines).


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