Ryanair active in Madeira

Ryanair recruiting on the island

Ryanair plane

The low-cost airline is already recruiting in Madeira according to JM’s website tonight. One of the vacancies available is that of an aircraft engineer.

The Irish airline has asked for numerous ‘slots’ to fly to the Region and connect it to various destinations – just search on their name in the box opposite to turn up the results from previous posts.

Christine Ourmières, executive president of TAP, who was at the Madeiran parliament just last Friday, guaranteed that the Portuguese-flagged airline will react with the weapons it has at its disposal, when Ryanair enters Madeira, recalling that “this carrier has a history of route abandonment”.

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3 thoughts on “Ryanair active in Madeira”

  1. I have flown Ryanair, easyJet, Whiz, Jet 2 and TAP. Ryanair have never been any worse or any better than the others. All are basically offering a cheap, basic, no frills flight. If you don’t wish to use Ryanair, your choice. If the news is correct then I have another choice and that suits me.

  2. Not good news for the Island in my humble opinion.
    This airline attracts the bottom of the market, bucket and spade brigade. Pretty soon Funchal will be overrun with Stag and Hen Parties chavving up the place.


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