Restrictions will be clarified

Complacency may have set in

Health Secretary reporting on the latest restrictions

JM’s website reports on the Regional Secretary of Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos, who gave a press conference yesterday in the context of the new restrictions introduced to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the non-compliance with measures by services and institutions to measures to combat the pandemic announced last Thursday by the Madeiran executive, Pedro Ramos stressed that “when there are new measures, there is always an initial phase of many doubts and that is why already one there was a clarification communiqué by the Regional Government”.

The regional secretary revealed that he has already spoken with Bishop D. Nuno Brás to explain the scope of the new restrictions at the level of worship ceremonies and announced that he will meet this Monday with those responsible for large surfaces such as supermarkets to clarify any point that is still in doubt.

Pedro Ramos believes that since the Regional Government’s resolution in October came out in recent weeks, there has been a lack of concern on the part of the general population in relation to sanitary procedures.

Complacency may have set in

The Regional Secretary of Health also considers that the increase in the number of cases is due to the “breaking of barriers” that constitute the basic measures to combat the pandemic, and says that there has been, in recent weeks, a “lack of concern that shouldn’t have been”.

Stressing that the responsibility to observe the new restrictions “is everyone’s”, Pedro Ramos stated that “people no longer wore a mask, only in specific situations”, and stressed that this should be a habit to be adopted by the population.

“The normality is to use the mask, test regularly and vaccinate as soon as possible”, he stressed.

The government official praised, on the other hand, the response given by the population in the last three days, since the new restrictions were announced, considering that “it shows that not everyone is against vaccination”

Half patients in ICU not vaccinated

During his press conference, Pedro Ramos removed that half of the people currently hospitalized in intensive care are unvaccinated. The regional secretary of Health added that, in the last week, the number of deaths is also divided between people vaccinated with comorbidities and unvaccinated.

The government official appealed again for vaccination, stressing that it was the best weapon to fight the disease.

“Our unvaccinated ones are dying, and unfortunately the vaccinated ones who are dying are those who have comorbidities”, he said, stressing that they “are more vulnerable”.

“A person who is 91 years old and dies with comorbidities is not to blame. The barriers around him have been broken down. This is what we all have to avoid,” he concluded.

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  1. if u can read local social media, read what opposition party is saying, what street is saying

    than word morons is the politest one
    the mess the gov introduce to all of us is horrible
    Tourists have cancelled Christmas in Funchal an mass
    most of madernise people are pissed off, expats the same
    president alb. suddenly disappear.
    oh boy what a horrible mess social mass media are venting.

    Funchal’s public transport company, Horários do Funchal, decided to ban access to tourists due to the risk of contagion by covid-19, informed the company’s commercial department.

    “In view of the latest measures taken by the Regional Government of Madeira and with immediate effect, it is reported that all tourists who do not have a Portuguese identification card, access to Horários do Funchal and Companhia de Carros de São Gonçalo Public Transport, will be banned from boarding.

    Therefore, it is requested that, whenever requested by the driver, present the respective citizen card ”, says in a press note, Adérito Freitas, responsible for the company’s commercial department.


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