Restrictions return to save Chrismas

Lighter restrictions to return

JM leads with a forecast that restrictions will be reintroduced

As first reported here yesterday, JM leads with a report that restrictions will be re-imposed in an attempt to save Christmas in Madeira. They speculate that these will include: mandatory masks; teleworking in the public service; accelerate third dose of vaccine; more inspection in nightlife; ‘squeeze’ for the unvaccinated; limitations on home visits.

The aggravation of the epidemiological situation in Madeira will force the Government to slow down in the decontamination, re-implementing some sanitary control measures that JM describes in this morning’s edition, which are less restrictive than in the past. 

Regional President Miguel Albuquerque will explain the changes today, at a press conference scheduled for 17:00. A final decision on Market Night is not expected until the end of the month

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9 thoughts on “Restrictions return to save Chrismas”

  1. 1- Keep all the basic measures of individual and collective protection, in open and closed environments mandatory – use of mask, hygiene, hand disinfection and distance of 1.5 meters.

    2- Recommend vaccination to all citizens over 12 years of age, namely with 1, 2 or 3 doses according to the recommended vaccination schedule.

    3- Establish massive testing of the population with a rapid antigen test, on a weekly basis.

    Every 15 days is now every 7 days.

    4- Establish the requirements for presentation of proof of vaccination and rapid antigen testing (weekly) for access to any event.

    5- To exercise/attend, activities/events in the public and private sector: sports, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, gyms, bars and clubs, cultural, cinemas, night activities, games, casinos, and other similar social activities, must be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test, weekly.

    6- Residential structures for the elderly

    Mandatory weekly tests for employees and residents. Restriction of visits (1 visit per resident) – it is mandatory to be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test – weekly contingency plans activated.

    Meetings in residential structures for the elderly, only with people who have been vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test – weekly.

    7- Supermarkets and superstores

    Recommend that users are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis with a rapid antigen test.

    8- Childbirth Masses

    Recommend that all participants are vaccinated or tested – rapid antigen test, weekly.

    9- Airports and ports

    the recommendation of the previous resolution is maintained: vaccinated or recovered or tested with a rapid antigen test, with the need for repetition on the 5th/7th day for residents, students and emigrants and their families.

    Non-vaccinated residents will be advised to vaccinate at their respective centers (they cannot participate in events).

    10- Circus/Amusement Parks/Christmas Activities

    Recommend that all stakeholders are vaccinated and tested weekly. (Children under 12 years of age should only be tested).

    11- Market Night

    Guidance will be given a posteriori according to the evolution of the pandemic.

    12- Central plate

    Ensure the creation of controlled access circuits by submitting proof of vaccination and weekly testing, including non-residents.

    13- Schools

    Maintenance of the measures of the previous resolution.

    14 – Night of St. Wild

    Guidance will be given a posteriori according to the evolution of the pandemic.

    15- Christmas dinners

    Recommend that participants are vaccinated and tested weekly.

    The regional government, at the current moment of the pandemic, with these measures, intends that the population of the autonomous region of the we are very sorry,

    be afraid very afraid I have told u that sometime ago
    Christmas is gone so is life


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