Patient catches Covid in hospital

… 5 days after admission!

the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal

On a day when the number of positive cases recorded in the Region remained high (the last 5 days have seen 48 – 24 – 54 – 38, and now 51 – more details on the link at the bottom of this page), a case has turned up at the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal 5 days after the patient was admitted suffering from another ailment.

After the patient tested positive the ward was isolated as a contingency plan was activated on part of the 1st floor. During the morning of the day of his admission into hospital, he had tested negative for Coronavius but eventually ended up testing positive after being already admitted. Control was ensured by the contingency plan that is now active, covering all the people interned. 

It was not necessary to isolate the entire floor of the hospital, nor to avoid visits to other patients, because the contacts are isolated on the 1st floor to the east, which is assigned to the contingency plan.

Cases grow in schools

JM reports in detail on 15 cases that were identified in schools yesterday. The cases among students and teachers occurred across 8 different schools where a number of classes (typically up to 20 students) have been placed in prophylactic isolation.

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    • Apparently the decision on whether the market night will go ahead will not be made in November. With infection cases averaging over 40 per day the situation is under constant review.

  1. ************
    Just to advise that if you have had your booster(3rd) vaccination that currently if you log into the NHS app to get a vaccination certificate for travel purposes it will not show that you have had the booster.

    I rang 119 the NHS Covid line and spoke to an agent and she said that this is being looked into but she did not have a timescale as go when it will be corrected. If you go into your medical record -> medication all 3 vaccinations are listed along with any other meds you have had.

  2. I don’t know what exactly is news here. Should I be more concerned because there is an exclamation mark in the title?

    Surprise surprise, there could be someone on your hospital room that has Covid not detected 5 days earlier. Also in your flight. On your bus. On your workplace. On your favourite bar. Even on your living room. These “news” makes me think some reporters think this is still March 2020.

    • Precisely, the gestation period can be a week or more so testing negative just as you contract the virus would be expected. Five days later testing positive is expected.


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