Nightclubs targetted as cases continue to rise

54 cases yesterday

Nightclub in Madeira

With rumours rife that nightclubs are not adhering to the rules, and that people are using fake certificates to gain admission, Regional President Miguel Albuquerque has told the local press that said that ARAE (Regional Authority for Economic Activities) personnel will be inspecting the island’s nightclubs over the coming weekends.

In a statement, the President said that he was not hounding anyone, but there is no going back, especially as the island’s infection rate has risen so dramatically since the pandemic restrictions were lifted – 54 cases yesterday – see link below for details.

Miguel Albuquerque says that this decision to reinforce inspection was aimed at trying to avoid retreats into restrictive measures that were only recently lifted. He repeated that with clubs, only people with vaccinations can enter. “We will not allow fraud. If there are frauds, they will be fined!” “There was some easing and easing is terrible for what we want, highlighted the president of the Regional Government.

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