Night clubs: vaccination passports checked

… but only two infractions detected

Inspectors looking at vaccination passports being used to enter night clubs

The inspection actions carried out by AREA Inspectors (Regional Authority for Economic Activities) and PSP (police) this weekend targetting the effective control of entrances to Funchal’s night clubs only detected two instances of misuse of vaccination passports.

Two individuals were apprehended trying to enter night clubs with digital vaccination certificates that did not belong to them. JM understands that the certificates were removed from them and the individuals were identified, and the process now goes to the Public Ministry.

The operation, which had been announced last Monday by the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, in order to control access to discotheques, preventing the entry of people not vaccinated against COVID-19, took place this Friday and Saturday, at the door of the main night spaces in the city of Funchal.

Looking at the results it is clear that a mass abuse of the vaccination passports is not responsible for fuelling the recent rise in cases of COVID-19 in the Region.

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