New restrictions – detailed explanation!

Complete breakdown of new restrictions

Joram, detailing the restrictions

There has been so much confusion about the new restrictions that were introduced in Madeira last week, but now the blog has been fortunate enough (once again!) to call on the expertise of multilinguist and Madeira-expert Peter Groen to come up with his best interpretation of the information currently available on the new restrictions.

Peter explains “the media, and especially the click-bait blogs, have been rolling over each other in recent days with comments and speculations about the additional covid restrictions announced by the president of Madeira last Thursday. He confirms that he is not taking part in this. Fortunately, our friends Jaap-Willem and Yvon have mailed me a PDF of the Madeiran equivalent of the State Gazette, the ‘Jornal Oficial’, number 210 of 19 November 2021, in which the measures are spelled out. A terrible piece of prose of course, which required a good hour of study to understand exactly what it says.

The rest of this post on the detailed restrictions are his own words, reproduced with his full permission:

I have tried to strip the text of all its unnecessary bombast – and there is quite some of it in Portuguese – and below I summarise what I read. I know that there are many other sources and especially other interpretations. But I stick to the literal text of the Jornal Oficial. So here it is, stripped down to what it means in understandable language. I also leave out less relevant things for those who do not live on the island.


Masks are compulsory for anyone over ten years old anywhere in public spaces – indoors and outdoors, where social distancing is not possible. Stick to the usual hand and breathing hygiene. This requirement was updated in mid December – details can be found on this post


The Madeiran authorities advise anyone to take the vaccines against COVID-19. But honestly, anyone in his/her right mind is already vaccinated before travelling to Madeira. You can read here about the procedure when you arrive at the airport.


The Madeiran authorities advise everyone to get a weekly antigen test.

To make everything clear, I made a table below that shows what you need or what is advised for various activities. If you read this on a small screen like a phone, swipe sideways to display the hidden columns.

activity or visit tocompulsory*advised*
gym or group sportsvaccination plus negative test
casino, bioscoop, evenementenvaccination plus negative test
bars, restaurants, clubsvaccination plus negative test
supermarket, shops, shopping mallsvaccination or negative test
pharmacy or health institution, clinicsvaccination or negative test
hairdresservaccination plus negative test
cultural eventsvaccination plus negative test
town halls, governmental officesvaccination or negative test
churchesvaccination or negative test
post officevaccination or negative test
petrol stationvaccination or negative test
public transportvaccination or negative test
Christmas celebrationsvaccination or negative test
funfairs, playgrounds, circuses, amusement parksvaccination plus negative test
Christmas dinners, non-religious celebrationsvaccination plus negative test
private celebrations (e.g weddings, baptizing partiesvaccination plus negative test
after-church gatheringsvaccination plus negative test

Exceptions to the above rules are children under 12 years of age, people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and people who have been cured of covid-19 within the last 180 days. In both cases, you must have a proof of this. All rules come into effect on 20 November 2021, except for the rules that require a double duty: vaccination and negative test. Those rules go into effect one week later on 27 November.

The negative test may be an antigen test. The test is taken at pharmacies, laboratories, clinics and other special locations. According to the Jornal Official, there is no charge for participants. If you have read somewhere else that you have to pay for it as a non-resident, I can only say that the official document says otherwise.

Christmas markets and special Christmas events are – if all goes well – allowed, but the authorities may create a kind of entrance street in a number of places, where proof of vaccination and test document will be checked.

*It is interesting to note, by the way, that the rules that many people scream murder about, namely the double-check where you have to have both a vaccination certificate and a test certificate that cannot be older than a week, all start with ‘recomenda‘ in the Jornal. Not so strange, considering that these rules exclude the unvaccinated from a number of things, which is constitutionally highly questionable. A number of judges in the Constitutional Court have already said that a number of rules cannot be applied just like that. We are keeping an eye on the case.

The proof of vaccination mentioned can be a digital covid certificate with QR code, or ‘any other document that is proof of vaccination‘, as it says in the official text.

I must stress here that all this is an interpretation of the original text that I believe to be as accurate as possible. And as a disclaimer: Of course, you cannot derive any rights from this. You keep your own responsibility to inform yourself as well as possible. The official website of the Ministry of Tourism might help, were it not for the fact that they are still asleep and do not say a word about the new measures that have caused quite a bit of consternation everywhere. When they finally have woken up well, I will write another update based on that.

More info on restrictions when available here

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found in an earlier post

Travel latest: requirements for entering and leaving Madeira: is kept up-to-date on a previous post

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  1. Is the EU certificate (the one that is required for air travel within Europe) accepted as proof of vaccination, or do we need an additional local certificate?

    • Absolutely, John. But the official Text explains that a different proof is also accepted. Think of a yellow vaccination passport or, in my case a written proof by my local Centro de Saúde, as the Madeiran bureaucracy fails to provide me with the Digital covid Certificate, though they have to do it according to the EU agreements.

  2. Thanks for good info, though

    As far as I can read the document, section 5 begins with Recomenda test & vaxx, however section 5a stipulates test or vaxx.

    Hence all your items in compulsory column is also a recommendation?

    • No. Compolsory is precisely that. It took me a while to figure out what it meant exactly in that section. It seems to me they have not dared to make the combination vax plus test compulsory (except for after-church gatherings, strangely) because this excludes non vaccinated people. That is very probably unconstitutional. So they have only recommended that combination, and I wonder if they made a mis take with the after-church gatherings.

      • Thanks Peter!
        I wonder:
        In sections 5a, 7, 11a, 12a and 27, they use the word MUST (devem).
        However, in sections 14, 19 and 20 and 28a, they use the word OBLIGATION (obrigatoriedade).
        I believe they used different words for a reason. Any idea how (or if) this impacts the legality and/or mandatory nature of those particular measures?

        Also, in section 31, they say it is “criminally punishable” to disobey any LEGITIMATE order or warrant within the resolution. This indirectly but clearly implies that it is NOT “criminally punishable” to disobey any ILLEGITIMATE order or warrant within the resolution. Clever, I’d say 🙂

        • If I follow the official text, that is what it says. And as long as the test capacity is ‘only’ 10.000 a day, the authorities are a very long way away from being able to test everyone on a weekly basis. Simple maths. 10.000 a day is 70.000 a week. There are approximately 250.000 inhabitants on the island, not counting visitors. As long as that is the case, to demand everyone tests every week is simply out of the question.

    • I already wrote one answer, which is currently awaiting moderation. However, I kept asking myself why you asked, Sverker, and I think you missed the word ‘porém’ just before section 5a. It means ‘though’ or, in this context maybe ‘however’. After that comes section 5a which sums up a list of places/activities and it states literally that you ‘have to be bearer of proof of vaccination or a negative covid test certificate. So that means compulsory, not recommended.

      • 5a is a sub section of 5. I understand it should be read:
        5 Recommend that … (5a) you must have either or.

        Hence it could be interpreted that all under section 5 is a recommendation.
        Also, it’s not logical that they would allow more slack measures in night clubs (recommend vacc and test, meaning there is no obligation for either) than in a supermarket (obligation for either or).

        The discussion might be academic, because what matters is whether bars, supermarkets etc decide to follow the recommendations or not.

          • Thank you again for the amazing translation work, Peter!

            Maybe you haven’t noticed my questions about certain subtleties in the text, so here is is again:

            I wonder:

            In sections 5a, 7, 11a, 12a and 27, they use the word MUST (devem).
            However, in sections 14, 19 and 20 and 28a, they use the word OBLIGATION (obrigatoriedade).
            I believe they used different words for a reason. Any idea how (or if) this impacts the legality and/or mandatory nature of those particular measures?

            Also, in section 31, they say it is “criminally punishable” to disobey any LEGITIMATE order or warrant within the scope of the resolution. Why would they need to add the word “LEGITIMATE” to the resolution, if it was already entirely legitimate in the first place? This insertion also (indirectly) implies that it is NOT “criminally punishable” to disobey any ILLEGITIMATE order or warrant within the resolution. What do you think about this interpretation? It’s completely “subtext”, but it’s definitely there… Could this be an intentionally included loophole, in case of lawsuits being filed?

  3. Please excuse my question but I am unable to find your section on Airport procedure. I am arriving Dec 13, I will have my NHS Vaccination Certificate, paper, my NHS digital certificate, showing three vaccinations and my Safe Madeira digital code, paper and on my telephone. Because my flight is on Monday I will not be able to get a test result prior to boarding. My question is, will I be tested at the airport or will I be allowed to go to my hotel, then take a test at a pharmacy ?
    Reference the “Click bait blogs” of I have seen 72 comments, 10 quoting facts and 62 opinions. Just the simple, facts are all that are needed. Thank you for showing them.

    • George, look up to the orange block above and you will see it says “Travel latest: requirements for entering and leaving Madeira: ” click on where it says — previous post.

  4. Absolute madness. We will be cancelling, yet again, our next visit to our beloved Madeira. Masks are not only useless but dangerous They propel the virus sideways and upwards through the gaps (be especially wary of standing at the side of a wearer) and the virus is so small that it passes through every kind of mask except a high grade N95, which cannot be worn for long. Then people take them off, wave them about and open doors with the hands with which they were fiddling with their masks. But I said they were dangerous: yes, they incubate all the germs our lungs breathe out and provide a lovely warm moist environment for those bugs to grow in. The WHO said mask use was pointless by the general public until it was leaned on by politicians who thought masks could convince people they were safe in going shopping. They do not keep you safe. The wretched Mayor of London chose his words carefully in telling people to wear masks. He said they help people to FEEL safe (my emphasis). Notice he didn’t say to BE safe. They are simply comfort blankets. And the Madeiran government wants people to wear them in the streets. Total madness. They haven’t worked so far, have they? Wake up people. You are being tricked.

      • No, I didn’t miss it. That research was very poorly designed in not controlling for variables. But there are many research articles written before and after covid which show that masks are useless and dangerous in blocking viruses. Governments panicked. “Something has to be done about covid! But what?” “Masks are something”. “We’ll do masks then”. Time passes… “The masks aren’t working”. “We knew they wouldn’t, but don’t tell the public or we will look foolish and lose the next election”.

      • If they really worked, then governments would all supply the correct type of proper medical mask, like the N95 mask and not leave it up to people to make a homemade cloth mask.

        It’s pure theatre.

          • it’s november 2021 and the pandemic is still going on and you are still complaining/questioning things? Too much information leads to people thinking for themselves… infodemic…. if a mask has 1% more of a chance of protecting both you and/or others around then use your brain and wear the damn mask. Stop looking for attention, stop looking to be the one to tell all what you have discovered, stop trying to be the one that has all the answers because you read a couple of articles and you feel the need to regurgitate them to others. Be a man, be humble and drop the ego. Man up and accept responsibility for yourself and others around you.

  5. The big issue is
    Does everyone who administers this,understand the pros and cons of what they can and cannot accept!!!! One waits to see,in trepidation.

    • Indeed. I think, by now, most sensible people know that vaccines, masks and even distancing help contain this nasty virus. The proposed measures undoubtedly do. And something needs to be done at this point. But the problem lies in the question where do they start to be unconstitutional or even violating basic human rights. It’s often a very thin line. Again, most sensible people are well aware of this. Some people will find things acceptable that others don’t. My writings are not about that, they merely simplify what the Madeiran government manages – again – to turn into a linguistic monstrosity that no-one understands without dissecting it.. I leave it to others to criticise the contents.

      • Quote you: “I think, by now, most sensible people know that vaccines, masks and even distancing help contain this nasty virus. The proposed measures undoubtedly do”.
        I think the fact that Madeira and most of Europe is locking itself down again rather proves that the proposed measures undoubtedly DON’T.
        As Einstein said, madness is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

        “When will the pandemic be over, doctor?”
        “I don’t know; I’m not a politician”.

  6. We are coming to Madeira for a week then flying to Portugal. Will this be a problem with Madeira being on the EU red list. Sorry if that’s a silly question but I’m so stressed with all this.

  7. Just one question re the “wearing masks has no benifit or protection” argument, if true, why do surgeons bother to wear them in operating theaters? Are masks just part of a uniform? Just ask because to argue they have no positive protective effect for either wearer or unmasked individual in a crowded situation seems hard to believe

    • I’ve been through this issue before on this site. Here we go again:
      1. Surgeons wear masks in operating theatres to prevent sweat, saliva and snot from dripping into open body cavities. Operating theatres are hot places. They can hardly take out their hankies mid-operation.
      2. Masks MIGHT prevent the transfer of bacteria, which are large enough to be trapped in the mesh of masks. Masks will not block viruses, which are so small that they travel through a mask’s mesh easily. If anything, surgeons wear masks to block bacteria, not viruses, but largely they do so for the reason above.
      3. There is a difference between (a) an open body cavity, which is, unless it’s an open bowel, ordinarily sterile and has no method of ridding itself of contamination, and (b) lungs, which are already full of bugs and have effective sweeping mechanisms to move bugs out again (coughing and ordinary breathing).
      4. Covid is largely transferred by aerosols (which float in the air for hours), rather than droplets (which fall to the ground quickly). So the air all around you is potentially laden with covid aerosols, which will get to you through the tiny gaps around your masks and through the mesh of the masks. Operating theatres have expensive air filtration systems which clean the air of the aerosols, as do aeroplanes (which is why, incidentally, aeroplanes carry less risk than your own home for catching covid, and why masks in planes are particularly unnecessary).
      5. Actually, quite a percentage of surgeons do not wear masks, because…
      6. …Considerable research shows that masks are ineffective even in operating theatres, and may increase the risk of infection.
      7. Even some surgeons will admit that the wearing of masks in theatres is all part of the ritual and the performance (they are not called operating theatres without good reason).
      8. Surgeons are trained in how to put on, wear and remove masks safely. The general public is not. Surgeons do not keep taking them off, dangling them on their rear-view mirrors, waving them about then use the hands they have been clutching them in to open doors in shops, thereby transmitting the bugs to others. Surgeons do not keep wearing the same mask for hours and hours or days and days.
      9. Surgeons wear them for the least time possible.
      10. Balanced risk assessments take place. Even if you were to argue that masks reduce infection, you have to ask in what context. If other risks are higher (e.g. re-breathing your own breath which is full of bugs your lungs are trying to get rid of) then you wouldn’t wear them; or if there is great risk of death from transmitting bugs (which there isn’t with covid: it has debatably somewhere between 0.3 to 1.0% fatality rate in those who are infected; much less in the general public) then maybe masks might be worthwhile, if they worked.

      I am a retired registered nurse.

      • Well said,

        Masks in open spaces, the lunatics are running the asylum

        Grow some balls Miguel Albuquerque, your a disgrace to 600 years of Madeiran history and it’s diaspora

        • Do you consider a shopping street to be an open space?
          Ah yes, let everybody decide for theirselves whether it is crowded or not. Freedom, right?

          QUOTE: Albuquerque, your a disgrace to 600 years of Madeiran history and it’s diaspora
          Similar things were said during the “troubles” in Former Yugoslavia.

  8. This is sooooooooooo confusing: in this blog are 3 Peters – Peter, Peter and Peter Groen.
    At least 1 Peter is Duch, and another Peter has a Dutch name (Groen).

    Could this be a conspiracy by a different blog?
    Of course, these days it is hard to tell which conspiracies are real, and which are not.

    Maybe Monsieur Maurice was right after all, in asking me if John Hardy was my real name.
    I have my doubts too, about an other poster, a certain mister Pimpernel.

      • I want to appologise to the original, Dutch Peter for thinking badly about him.
        Still wondering who is Groen.

        PS. Please explain again, why there was no flu last winter, or do the masks work selectively?

          • QUOTE from your site: “help us defend free speech”.

            Are you going to lecture somebody who grew up in the sixties about free speech?
            Isn’t the internet flooded with “free speech”?
            How about replacing that by “free speech based on facts”?

            And as for your independent virologist:
            Recently a Belgian doctor was charged with SELLING 2.000 fake covid certificates for 350 euro each.
            You can find weirdo’s and criminals in every trade, claiming whatever the want to claim, protected by “free speech”.
            But science is not based on a few individual cases, it is based on large enough samples.

            There is a difference between SCIENCE and (individual) SCIENTISTS!!!

            • It’s not “my” site, darling 🙂

              Search what happened when governments were petitioned to provide “covid” samples, properly isolated according to the scientific method.

              I’m not lecturing anyone. People can be brainwashed zombies (or paid trolls), no matter which decade they grew up in.

              “SCIENCE” is not fixed. It depends on so many factors, including who’s paying the scientists and who benefits from certain conclusions of “science”. Follow the money, follow the special interests. What we today call “science” has been hijacked by special interests a LONG time ago.

              What’s so hardy to understand?

              Imagine that you own a large pharmaceutical company. What will be in you best business interest?
              To actually cure disease? Or to have a constant influx of new diseases, sell medical “treatments” and make big profits?

              PS: Are YOU going to lecture someone who grew up in communist dictatorship about Tyranny?

              Love from Ukraine!

              • Sweety, not all governments are as corrupt as the Ukrainian.

                And before you accuse me of racism, 2 of my lifelong heroes (though they were completely different in their thinking) were Machno and Bronstein, both of them Ukrainians – but then I suppose you never heard of them. Perhaps google can help you?

                • I’m not accusing you of racism, darling 🙂
                  Most if not all governments are corporate whores.
                  You’re more like a hardy case of cognitive dissonance.
                  Yep, that’s more accurate.
                  You have no REAL argument, so you resort to logical fallacies such as Ad Hominem and Straw-man Arguments.

                  I don’t care who your “heroes” are, dear. I only address the fallacies you are posting here.

                  Kisses and don’t forget to wear you face diaper everywhere and to social distance 🙂

                • John: You come across as quite an aggressive man. There is no need to be so hostile or sarcastic to people who are putting a different point of view to yours, or to try impress them with who or what you know.

                  • If somebody called you – out of the blue – darling, zombie, paid troll, would you not have some problems suppressing some agressiveness?

                    The law of Action and Reaction.

              • QUOTE:
                Imagine that you own a large pharmaceutical company. What will be in you best business interest?
                To actually cure disease? Or to have a constant influx of new diseases, sell medical “treatments” and make big profits?

                Now replace pfarmaceutical by food, cars, alcohol, computers,….
                Perhaps you are still a commie?

        • You want to know why there was “no” flu last year. Presumably you want me to be the one to answer. Several answers:
          1. There WAS flu, though at lower levels than in some years. A simple internet search will give you the figures. Try the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine.
          2. Such flu as there was would not have been reported by the mainstream media, obsessed as they are with sensationalising covid.
          3. Some would say that many cases of flu will have been mis-“diagnosed” as covid given the inaccuracy of PCR and LFT tests. I put the quotes there as this is the first disease in history to be diagnosed without any symptoms, but merely on the basis of a lab test.
          4. Many cases of flu will have been missed simply because the public were discouraged from seeing a doctor.
          5. Much as I am against social distancing, there can be little doubt that it reduced the spread of covid and flu. It’s bound to. So why am I against it? Because social distancing kills people, as we can see from the record NHS waiting lists, the untreated cancers and tbe pandemic of depression due to isolation, as well as destroying children’s education. It also destroys the economy, all for a disease with a 99.7% survival rate. If you applied the same logic to illnesses which cause far more deaths you would have to ban alcohol, prevent mixing in order to stop TB (which is a massive problem in Africa – oh wait, Africa, it doesn’t matter then, as its not a western disease anymore), and certainly take all cars off the road. You have a 1 in 20,000 chance of being killed in a car crash each year, a massively greater risk than dying from covid. But nobody panics about that.
          Of course, social distancing has now weakened our immune systems, so we can expect a catch-up this winter in which we will get respiratory infections from which we have lost immunity. Unless we face this we will have to be masked (if they worked) and distanced for the rest of time. The longer we put off mixing normally the more damaged our immune systems will be.

          That’s your answer.

          • Wow… as a registered nurse I would have thought you would have known better than to say masks are only worn as a ritual by surgeons, so not correct. You seem to have every excuse for not doing something. Call me a sheep but I’ll protect myself and those around me and not bother with your doom and gloom with no real solutions, I’m guessing as a registered nurse you have far better information than those that work in the areas that give us all actual facts to make informed decisions rather than just opinions, some how I doubt it.

            • Ian:
              I could give you many research references, but here is just one quote from the journal Science Direct published just this month and written by two academics from US Schools of Medicine:
              “The results indicate no difference in surgical site infections between the operations where masks were worn versus the operations where no mask was worn”.
              I have “every excuse” for doing nothing, as you put it, because nothing works! Masks are pointless and harbour bugs which we would otherwise breathe out, as well as leaking our breath, and social distancing kills people.
              I absolutely support your right to do pointless things. Just don’t ask me to do so.

        • John:
          I’ve been thinking some more about your question: “Please explain again, why there was no flu last winter, or do the masks work selectively?”
          See my earlier detailed answer.
          But I’ve had another thought. Yes, clearly masks DO work selectively against covid! After all, in the whole history of mankind, across countless respiratory diseases, with innumerable governments through the ages and in every part of the planet, no government has ever believed that forced masking would have an effect on any of those diseases. Masks clearly only are of benefit with covid.

          • Thank you for stating the obvious.

            It’s astounding that there are so many people who believe everything on the telly and in newspapers.

            In a couple of years, the truth of the lab leak theory will be fact, but until then, the “official” bat story will prevail.

            • Yeah right, let’s stack all conspiracy theories together.
              You do know that the earth is flat, don’t you, and that the moon is only a hologram created by NASA to get more taxpayers’ money?
              And where ever covid came from – bats, Chinese lab, bio weapon – do you have any suggestions on how to combat covid, other then masks, social distancing, vaccination, etc?

              • No, I have no suggestions on how to combat covid. Masks don’t work. Social distancing works, but kills more people than it saves, and even the vaccines are looking doubtful. And so we get to the bottom line. There is nothing we can do against a virus. And that scares people. So they clutch onto anything to give them hope and then refuse to believe it, and get very angry, when people tell them that what they have put their faith in is useless. The good news is that covid is nothing more than a few days discomfort for the vast majority of people.

                • As far as I am concerned, the main discomfort caused by unvaccinated people is that they push the sufferers of heart, cancer, kidney, lungs etc out of the hospitals.
                  Unvaccinated covid patients should not get preferential treatment in hospitals.

        • I am the Dutch Peter who wrote the article and my surname is Groen. I am also not participating in the endless discussion about what a government must and must not do. I only made the Portuguese Text clear for anyone who can’t read Portuguese.

    • My Bad. I have been writing from different computers and phones on different locations. Phone has a different standard mail account. One is Peter and the other is Peter Groen. I am the author of the article and you can recognise me because I have an Avatar. The third Peter has no avatar. Also, I do not participante in the discussion about what should and should not be done, and what is information and disinformation. I only slipped once when I pointed out to the third Peter that he missed some information. I regret that now. I leave the Internet war and the corresponding rants in the capable hands of others😏

  9. “They” are forcing their agenda through come hell or high water, as they say. (he said, not me)

    interesting but true, stats are a useful tool only to do oppression. (“they” say, useful idiots are needed too)

    hmmmm….what u think?

  10. The original article was an attempt by Peter to explain the current regulations. I thank him. The first 12 comments after that were genuine queries and reasoned answers. What followed had nothing to add to the original article but was just people riding their hobby horse. I stopped commenting on the “other” blog because that degenerated into a Babel of opinionated nonsense which explained nothing and generated yet more confusion.

  11. Australian Military Begin Force Vaccinating Aboriginals
    The Australian army has begun forcibly removing Aboriginals in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin,
    History is repeating itself again, Hunting no vaxxed just started,
    but hunting people is noting new, it was done in the past, like German-nazi time, or,
    Numerous massacres of Indigenous Australians were perpetrated during and after the British colonisation of Australia which began in the late 18th century and lasted until the early 20th century.
    Massacres were conducted by numerous parties involved in the colonisation of Australia, including the British Army, European colonists, and members of the New South Wales Mounted Police, Border Police, etc.

    • Comparing vaccination of people with the slaughter of 6 million Jews just show what kind of scum bag you are. Instead of getting your so-called facts from social media you could try reading the truth from the Aboriginal people themselves.

      Just because some idiot like you posts a lie on facebook/twitter/Instagram does NOT make it true.

  12. #COVID19 #Australia

    Health authorities in South Australia are racing to organise quarantine “camps” for Aboriginal people unable to quarantine at home. now done deal, first Aboriginals locked in.

  13. *******************

    I suggest everyone ignores all comments from the person going by the name of — gucia.

    This person is spreading lies that they have picked up of the Internet.

    We all know the Internet is a hotbed of lies and misinformation and unfortunately this person enjoys spreading these lies onto here.

    There is NO systematic enforcement of covid vaccination of the Aboriginal people of Australia. Just do a sendibkecsearch of the facts like I did.

    Comparing the vaccination of people to the slaughter of 6 million Jews is another bone of contention. Right now anti-Semitism is on the rise in many countries with attacks on Jewish people and Jewish buildings etc. As someone with Jewish heritage it really angers me and I am all for prosecution of those involved.

  14. I have tried to book an appointment for rapid testing at the pharmacy located in Forum Madeira. The earliest time available was December 7 and as a non resident they said there would be a 15 euros charge. Should we be going to one of the booths for rapid testing? Is that free? It’s so confusing.

    • They should not charge anyone for these tests. You can confront them, as the government has repeatedly announced the tests are free of charge. If you want to be certain that no one tries to charge you, use a free test venue in town.

    • Dear Admin,

      Freedom is freedom.

      Unless they’re inciting to violence or other criminal stuff, nobody should be banned from participating in public discourse. Even if the debates may get occasionally heated… Disagreements are not grounds from banning IMO.

      • QUOTE: Even if the debates may get occasionally heated

        Calling posters “darling”, “paid troll”, “brainwashed zombie” etc is not what I call “a heated debate”.

    • Perhaps it would be better to disconnect all the “thoughts” from Peter Groen’s excellent work and pin it to the top of the page as a reference document for all of us who will be affected by these new restrictions and appreciate his efforts.
      The debate that has latterly attached itself to this article has nothing to do with his work in succinctly clearing up the confusion and setting it out in plain English but seems more to do with the politics of the Pandemic in general and as such shows a lack of respect for this contribution and the value of the Blog

      • Thank you for this, Jaime. I think the best we can do is simply not participate in the political discussion. You got it right: I wrote the article to clear things up (also because I wanted to understand it perfectly myself). I only answered questions concerning my article’s contents, not the political remarks. I slipped once (when I told ex-nurse Peter he missed the study about masks) and I deeply regret I did :D. From now on, I ignore everything off-topic. I leave the ranting in the capable hands of others.

    • I have a better idea.
      Let’s make this a Madeira blog again.
      Discussions about Brexit, Covid in general, etc should be banned – at the discretion of the moderator.
      Don’t ban posters, ban posts.
      The law of action and reaction is a self perpetuating path to nowhere.

      • I disagree. I commented on this particular article because I am peed off with not being comfortable in visiting my beloved Madeira because the rules are ludicrous and not based on any good scientific evidence, but purely down to politicians worldwide having made massive errors at the start of the civid thing and their not being able to backtrack from their disastrous decisions without fearing they will lose their credibility.

  15. Yes, I did, Susan, and thank you for your question, quite legitimate. But I was travelling and the combination phone/mobile internet was too slow to get my answer placed. Internet kept breaking off saying that my recaptcha expired. But now it’s on, under your original question. But the last question is the most amusing; when the authorities start to issue illegitimate orders, it is high time we start kicking their collective a**es.

    • Dear Peter,

      Interesting that on the tourism website, they replaced “MUST” with “SHOULD”. Which only (maybe) strengthens my earlier point why they chose to use “obligated” in some places and “must”/”should” in others, and a vague “Legalese” language in general. Also, the phrasing “it is RECOMMENDED to comply with the following RULES” … hmm… is very ambiguous, at best… I wonder if you have any further thoughts about this, and especially if any of these “regulations” seem illegal and/or unconstitutional to you.

      Once again, many thanks for the effort you are putting into adding some clarity!

    • Thanks Peter for deciphering all the info regarding testing which may be required…
      We are looking forward to enjoying the delights of the Christmas & New Year Festivities

  16. ****************
    Due to the Omicron variant the UK government have brought back some restrictions. The main one affecting ALL persons arriving in the UK is:-

    “Everyone entering the UK will have to take PCR test within two days of their arrival and self-isolate until they receive a negative result”

    Full article:–

  17. Sorry if this has been posted, (PART of the blog seems to have turned into the usual COVID squabble).

    If you have recently recovered from COVID (with certificate) you can still test positive for weeks or even months even though you are not contagious. Does anyone know how they handle this situation with regards to the antigen tests.

  18. If you have recently recovered from COVID (with certificate) you can still test positive for weeks or even months even though you are not contagious. Does anyone know how they handle this situation with regards to the antigen tests.

    • Andrew, I’m not sure of the context of your question, but if it is regarding the test you take prior to return to the UK, where you have the choice of taking either a PCR or lateral Flow Test, the UK government site offers this advice;

      ‘If you have recently had COVID

      ‘If you have recently recovered from COVID but are no longer infectious, you should use a lateral flow device (LFD) test. LFD tests have a lower sensitivity than PCR or LAMP tests, so they are less likely to return a positive result from a historic infection. The LFD test must meet the minimum performance standards as set out above.’

  19. Just to give a live update on restrictions within Funchal. As of this day Friday 10th December we have found no need to show vaccination or antigen test in any shops,supermarkets, bars, restaurants etc. The only exception to this is the Christmas market which had security checking for both. This only is a small section of around 10 huts so most people are avoiding it.

  20. Walked past fun fare on promenade, looks like you need vaccination proof and maybe covid test if you like fun fare. Have a great time things are far more relaxed here.

  21. We are SO looking forward to this trip for the new year so hoping rules for Madeira remain the same. Thanks so much for this article.So helpful. Will keep an eye out.
    I want to double check something. In most links for visiting Madeira from UK it says a negative covid test (rapid antigen test) is needed wether before or upon entry to the airport in Madeira… Does this also apply to those double vaxxed to the max? Should we just do the airport covid test upon arrival, and if so are we talking hours of waiting or an easy process? Would love to know before booking expensive tests before arriving. Thankful for any clarification I can get!


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