New naval patrol boat arrives

NRP Sines arrives back tomorrow

NRP Sines patrol boa

JM reports that the NRP Sines patrol boat will arrive this Saturday in the Autonomous Region of Madeira where it will once again carry out missions within the scope of safeguarding human life at sea and patrol and surveillance of maritime spaces, thus contributing to fulfilling the State’s security and authority functions at sea.

The NRP Sines patrol boat is part of a series of four ships that make up the Viana do Castelo class, having been built in the Viana do Castelo shipyards, and entered the service of the Portuguese Navy on May 3, 2017. ​

This ship is commanded by Lieutenant Captain Ester Eunice da Costa Pereira Lopes and has a garrison of 53 soldiers (14 officers, 9 sergeants and 30 soldiers).

NRP Sines replaces NRP Douro, which returns to the Lisbon Naval Base after 4 months of mission in the archipelago.

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