“Full house” in Funchal

Port fully occupied this morning

The port of Funchal this morning

The Diario reports that on a grey morning the Port of Funchal derives some beauty and satisfaction from seeing its capacity sold out with all berths occupied by ships. There are six in all, including the ferry ‘Lobo Marinho’ which, at the time the photo was taken, had not yet set sail for Porto Santo.

Before dawn two large ships were already joining the ones that had already stayed overnight in Funchal. The ‘Alexander Von Humboldt II‘, a sailboat that has been around for a few days (leaving on the 24th), is hidden behind the giant ‘AIDAblu’ which, at around 7:00 am, was doing a docking manoeuvre at the north pier and where it will remain all day before leaving for Tenerife at midnight.

Another giant is the ‘Marina’, a ship that was the last to arrive and got between two smaller ones, the Portuguese ‘Vasco da Gama’ (goes to Arrecife at 14:00) and the luxurious ‘Star Legend’ (departure scheduled for 1:00 pm for Lisbon), the first of which is going on a transatlantic voyage.

In fact, the Oceania Cruises ship, which has a capacity of around 1,250 passengers and 780 crew, is coming from Barcelona and heading to Puerto Rico. Built in 2011 at Fincantieri’s Italian shipyards and reclassified in 2016, this is a luxury ship that still leaves today at 4:00 pm.

The full house is a rarity and even something that will only be repeated on the day and night of the end of the year, when in addition to the berths, there will be more ships out in the bay of Funchal.

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3 thoughts on ““Full house” in Funchal”

  1. Ful house and then they blame the licsls if Madeira for the covid infection. Don’t you think the tourist bring the covid ibto the country and the locals get punished

    • No! It is being spread amongst the local community. Check the daily reports and you will see only a few tourists test positive upon arrival. Cruise ship passengers are fully vaccinated and tested regularly.

      • The local community contracts the virus From the vaccinated untested tourists entering Madeira !! This is now out of control the island will be back in lockdown by January I would think.


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