Firm new restrictions

Vaccine passports and masks return

Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, announcing firm new restrictions

In justifying the introduction of some firm new restrictions, Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, announced today that between 58% and 60% of those admitted to intensive care units are not vaccinated. The information was disclosed at a press conference, at which the government official announced the new measures to contain the pandemic in the Region.

The President reinforced the appeal for those who are not yet vaccinated to do so, recalling that deaths by COVID-19 in the archipelago have occurred in people who refused inoculation or in people with associated pathologies. He emphasised that Madeira has available 84 thousand vaccines ready to be administered.

Vaccine certificates

Among the new restrictions, customers of supermarkets and large supermarkets in the Region must, from 00:00 hours on Saturday, November 20, be vaccinated or tested weekly with a rapid antigen test to enter these spaces.

Those entering restaurants must, as recommended by the Regional Government, from 00:00 on the next Saturday, November 20, present the digital certificate of vaccination or antigen test (weekly).

Masks return as part of restrictions

Miguel Albuquerque, president of the Regional Government, this afternoon declared a contingency situation in the archipelago, having announced that, from midnight on Saturday, November 20th, as part of the new restictions, the use of masks in open spaces is mandatory, as well as all individual and collective health protection measures, such as hand disinfection and a distance of 1.5 metres.

Testing will also be carried out on a weekly basis for all citizens in Madeira. Previously, the recommendation was to carry out an antigen test every 15 days, which is then replaced by testing every 7 days.

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  1. These restrictions will severely restrict the tourist trade! Who wants to go on holiday to Madeira at present, it is less restricted in UK ? I was wanting to come but now?

      • I’m with Caroline. I’m arriving in two weeks time and I’m happy that these rules are in place. Here there’s a rough divide with over-40s masked indoors and on busses and the under-40s invariably not. It doesn’t make for worry-free shopping.

        The only problem I see is whether the rules will be inforced for tourists. We’ve no doubt all seen Funchal web cams last time there was a ”masks outside” rule – the vast majority of what looked like tourists didn’t bother with masks whereas the local population did.

      • I would not choose to go anywhere on holiday; where a mask needs to be worn simply walking around. I agree its safer; but I would prefer to holiday elsewhere. Am also falling out of love with Madera (after many, many years), due to the incessant over development. The reasons we love it are fast disappearing. If i want concrete everywhere I can find that closer to home and with beaches, and no masks!

        • Actually, it is about 50%.
          But – and I fully understand that this is too hard for you to comprehend – vaccinated people represent 90% of the population.
          Mathematics and logical thinking are obviously not your forte, silly conspiracy theories on the other hand……

    • It’s a good thing. I have had one relative and one good friend die of Covid. As a doctor friend of mine said, if you watch a person dying of Covid you will finally understand what real suffering is. Congratulations to tte wisdom of tte government.

  2. this more than admin informing u above.
    this is named MEDICAL APARTHEID, thats all.
    on on top of it against Portuguese constitution,

    did not I wrote here
    a week ago,,
    be afraid, very afraid,
    1- Keep all the basic measures of individual and collective protection, in open and closed environments mandatory – use of mask, hygiene, hand disinfection and distance of 1.5 meters.

    2- Recommend vaccination to all citizens over 12 years of age, namely with 1, 2 or 3 doses according to the recommended vaccination schedule.

    3- Establish massive testing of the population with a rapid antigen test, on a weekly basis.

    Every 15 days is now every 7 days.

    4- Establish the requirements for presentation of proof of vaccination and rapid antigen testing (weekly) for access to any event.

    5- To exercise/attend, activities/events in the public and private sector: sports, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, gyms, bars and clubs, cultural, cinemas, night activities, games, casinos, and other similar social activities, must be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test, weekly.

    6- Residential structures for the elderly

    Mandatory weekly tests for employees and residents. Restriction of visits (1 visit per resident) – it is mandatory to be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test – weekly contingency plans activated.

    Meetings in residential structures for the elderly, only with people who have been vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test – weekly.

    7- Supermarkets and superstores

    Recommend that users are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis with a rapid antigen test.

    8- Childbirth Masses

    Recommend that all participants are vaccinated or tested – rapid antigen test, weekly.

    9- Airports and ports

    the recommendation of the previous resolution is maintained: vaccinated or recovered or tested with a rapid antigen test, with the need for repetition on the 5th/7th day for residents, students and emigrants and their families.

    Non-vaccinated residents will be advised to vaccinate at their respective centers (they cannot participate in events).

    10- Circus/Amusement Parks/Christmas Activities

    Recommend that all stakeholders are vaccinated and tested weekly. (Children under 12 years of age should only be tested).

    11- Market Night

    Guidance will be given a posteriori according to the evolution of the pandemic.

    12- Central plate

    Ensure the creation of controlled access circuits by submitting proof of vaccination and weekly testing, including non-residents.

    13- Schools

    Maintenance of the measures of the previous resolution.

    14 – Night of St. Wild

    Guidance will be given a posteriori according to the evolution of the pandemic.

    15- Christmas dinners

    Recommend that participants are vaccinated and tested weekly.

    The regional government, at the current moment of the pandemic, with these measures, intends that the population of the autonomous region of the we are very sorry,

    be afraid very afraid I have told u that sometime ago
    Christmas is gone so is life

    To those who ask for health passports, good luck defending themselves in court against articles 13 and 26 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

  3. In yesterday’s UK travel review Transport Minister Grant Schapps tweeted:-

    “TRAVEL UPDATE: there will be no countries or territories added to the red list. We will continue to keep all measures under review.”

    At present there are no countries on the Government’s ‘red’ quarantine list and as such there is no reason for any holidays to be cancelled for now however, as the statement says all measures are being kept under review.

  4. Could someone enlighten me on this statement: “Testing will also be carried out on a weekly basis for all citizens in Madeira. Previously, the recommendation was to carry out an antigen test every 15 days, which is then replaced by testing every 7 days”. How are they going to do that every 7 days……..where……….how do you get there if you have no transport. Is this only for people who have not been vaccinated? I have had 2 vaccinations and a booster jab. All as clear as mud!

        • JM yesterday (Sat) had a very detailed list of the restrictions included in a full page of information. There was no mention of any groups of people not affected but then as a Madeiran paper in Portuguese perhaps they were only thinking about their target group. (I.e. it didn’t help with the “applies to tourists – or not” discussion)

          Against it applying to tourists are the fact that most hotel accommodation does not include any kitchen equipment which means all such tourists’ first act on arrival would be trying to find a place for the antigen test so they could get something hot to eat.

          Strictly speaking most hotel-provided breakfasts (usually served in what at other times are restaurants) would require a test too.

          My worry with the test is that they are not 100% reliable and could therefore say I have Covid when I don’t – leading to me being put in isolation despite having all the papers needed to enter the island and being free of Covid.

          Clearly the policy (of requiring both double vaccination and a weekly test in order to do anything much beyond visiting supermarkets) hasn’t been thought through. As has been pointed out somewhere, have they even considered if the island has the capacity to give everyone on the island any one week an antigen test (and whether having done so, they can administrate it).

    • Yes, Betty…….my question as well!…………….so if we have had the vaccinations and have our certificates, then we do not need to have weekly antigen tests? Is that right?

  5. The problem with covid statistics is that small increases are amplified for small places with relatively small populations. . A .01% increase for Madeira (based on population) would be 25 against 1000 for London. The new regulations are actually quite soft and should not deter visitors to Madeira. They are common sense and made to protect the locals and tourism that is so important to the Island’s economy.
    We are booked to spend 6 weeks in Madeira next year to include both the flower and wine festivals and let’s hope they are not cancelled or postponed again in 2022.

  6. We are visiting in December for Christmas. It’s as clear as mud to me whether (as Maurice says) “does not apply to vaccinated tourists”. The only reference I can find about “non-residents” in reports of the President’s statement is that these new rules re testing do apply to non-residents who wish to access the Christmas fair in Funchal. As regards all other activities (eg, entering a restaurant) they appear not to apply.
    Please, please can someone clear this up with fact and not speculation or personal interpretation.

    • The whole business is as clear as mud. Wherever you turn you get different answers. Protests outside the governor’s residence. Claims of these measures being unconstitutional etc etc.

      They are only in place until Dec 15th from what I have gathered so far.

  7. Having looked at a number of reports of the speech the bottom line appears to be that stricter rules will also come into effect for the vaccinated. The digital certificate will no longer suffice alone as a negative antigen Covid-19 test will also be required to attend or work at cultural or sports events or to go or work at the hairdresser, cinema, bars, restaurants and other similar establishments.

    The position in respect of larger cultural events has actually not changed – for some while now, to attend the Madeira Classical Orchestra concerts you have to have had a negative antigen test taken within 48 hours prior to the event regardless of having been double-jabbed.

    It looks like negative tests, carried out within the last week, will now be required for smaller gatherings/events – I guess each event/venue will advise – but obviously only if you chose to attend!

    Weekly testing will also be required for residents and workers of old people’s homes, while visits will be limited to just one person, who will have to be vaccinated and tested, per resident.

  8. There is another website that is insisting that the entire population will be tested, including the tourists, every seven days. This is simply unrealistsic and is just “click bait” to increase advertising revenues, Daily Mail style. How can you conceivably test a quarter of a million people every seven days

  9. Obviously you dont understand that if 60% to 80% is vaccinated then u dont have nothing to worry about as you create immunity which is Madeira case , also the unvaccinated people qre only putting themselves at risk not anybody else , they pay their taxes so if they end in the hospital than the hospital has to give their services , so really worry about urself 😉 thats ur problem ur life its not enough , people love arguments and discrimination . Get a life

    • So much rubbish in only 4 lines.
      An amazing achievement.

      “the unvaccinated people are only putting themselves at risk not anybody else” ////////// FAKE NEWS!!!!
      – vaccines are unfortunately not 100% foolproof
      – unvaccinated idiots that end up in hospital take up the beds of heart, kidney, cancer…. patients.

  10. I received today an e-mail from one of the several journalists who had articles on the restrictions in Sunday’s JM.

    Here’s a rough translation of the main parts of interest. I had especially asked about the combined double vaccination AND test in order to visit restaurants.

    – you can be tested for nothing on arrival at the airport. The test is valid for six days and you can get a second test at chemists and at various test stations of which there are several in the streets of Funchal.

    – The measures are recommended and are not obligatory. The aim of the massive testing of people from Madeira and visitors is to avoid the spreading of the virus during the Christmas period.

    That the measures are recommended not obligatory is interesting. Again this was from a journalist who has been talking to officials about this and not a direct source, but it wouldn’t surprise me if officials / politicians were giving the impression of compulsion even when it isn’t. (It’s what they did in Finland too)

    Hope this helps.


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