Covid unit disbanded

Ryanair press conference today

Covid Unit disbanded - headline

JM leads with the headline that the unit created by the Madeira Civil Protection to respond to suspected cases of covid was deactivated at the end of October. The service now includes daily pre-hospital emergencies, but the rescue teams are apprehensive about the increase in responsibilities at a time when the pandemic is growing. 

Ryanair press conference

The photo on the front page of JM features the arrival of the first Ryanair plane at Madeira airport. A team of six from the low-cost airline, who arrived on the Irish carrier’s flight yesterday afternoon, left Madeira Airport in silence – as reported here earlier (with video).

Their exit turned out to be discreet, through a side door to the VIP area. The representatives got into a white van and continued on their journey without making statements to the waiting media that was recording their arrival.

There is a press conference scheduled for this morning when further clarification should be provided about the arrival of the company in Madeira. Yesterday, no one from the airport administration or the Regional Government was available to talk about a possible Ryanair operation.

Delta Plus variant

The Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection today rejected that the Delta Plus variant of COVID-19 had arrived in Madeira but said that the situation had to be controlled so that Christmas could be celebrated.

Pedro Ramos said to JM and RTP that it is necessary to reduce the number of active chains, which at the moment, are more of a hundred. He added that the Ricardo Jorge Institute (in Lisbon) had issued a report pointing out Madeira as the region in the country with the lowest RT (“R” rate) for Covid.

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