Covid: situation worse than 2020

Moves to halt the rise in new cases

Covid headline in JM

JM lead with the headline that the Covid pandemic is currently worse than it was at this point last year. In the same period in 2020 there were 169 active infections in the archipelago compared to the current 405, whilst hospitalisations are much higher there are now 30 patients suffering from Covid at the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal – this time last year there were just 4. At the moment 5 are in ICU.

The newspaper notes that the situation here is reflected on the mainland, where they appear to be suffering from a fifth wave. The Portugal Resident reports that the country’s Minister of Employment, Solidarity and Social Security said yesterday that teleworking “may become mandatory again” if the country’s COVID-19 cases continue to increase.

TV station SIC reported yesterday that specialists agree that Portugal is entering the “fifth wave of the pandemic”. and data revealed by health authorities show that case numbers and hospitalisation are on the rise since the start of November.

The number of new cases in Portugal has topped the 1,000-mark throughout the last six days and, as other countries in Europe begin to implement harsher measures to stop the rise of new cases in its tracks, Portugal may be following in their footsteps sooner rather than later.

103 babies born prematurely

For those wondering, the photographic highlight on the front page of JM depicts a newborn baby. 103 babies were born ‘before their time’ in 2020. Tomorrow marks World Prematurity Day. Local pediatric physician, Edite Costa, reveals that of the 1,712 babies born in 2020, 103 were premature and all survived, thanks to the work of 51 professionals working in the intensive care unit and investment in new equipment.

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16 thoughts on “Covid: situation worse than 2020”

  1. Lockdowns don’t work. And obviously the vaccines don’t either, how is it possible to have worse figures despite an 80% vaccination rate???? Time to go back to normal and deal with both flu and covid in the way it was for thousands of years.

    • We haven’t had Covid for thousands of years! And what do you do with all the people who need treatment for other conditions and illnesses, when the hospitals are full of Covid patients?

  2. In countries with high vaccine rates, the covid cases have gone up a lot. Vaxxed persons can carry a much higher virus load than non-vaxxed.

    My guess is that most hospital cases in Madeira are vaxxed. Just like elsewhere.

  3. Why doesn’t anyone ask the authorities any questions? The Madeiran population seems to be among the least informed. The corporate media everywhere are just propaganda operations, and equally in Madeira, but the labsence of any questioning of the relentless push to just get injected in Madeira stands out. It is heartbreaking to see the children getting injected with unnecessary, unsafe and ineffective gene therapy that is harming them. It needs to stopped instantly, and no one should get any other injections.
    None of this makes any sense, it never has, and the harm is enormous. Tens of thousands of people have died from the vaccines in the EU, UK and the US, as can be seen in their official vaccine adverse events registers. The media are silent. People don’t know. Young boys are getting heart inflammation after vaccination in unprecedented numbers. Seventy five (75) athletes have died after vaccination.
    Correct and accurate information about what is going on is available in alternative media and from ethical doctors and scientists who are being censored and persecuted. Why, ask yourself. Take the time to get informed, protect your health and fight for your and our freedom that is under attack under the guise of a pandemic.

    • None of what you say makes any sense. Tens of thousands of people dying, indeed. Seeing as virtually everyone knows or knows of someone who has died from the virus, don’t you think that people would also know of someone who had died of the vaccine, if the numbers were that high?

      Stop peddling lies.

    • Dear JB,

      I don´t usually enter into such discussions, however the scale of you misconceptions has prompted me to reply.

      There are so many falsehoods in your text, it is probably a record combination of every possible piece of nonsense that is out there in the “alternative” media. But, no, I am wrong, you haven´t yet alluded to the forced sterilisation of women or the injection of microchips by Bill Gates. You haven´t mentioned teh aliens either. Perhaps there is still hope for you before the virus eventually gets you. If you don´t want to be vaccinated, well that is up to you, but please refrain from presenting absolute unsubstantiated nonsense to people at risk.

      Tens of millions of children have been injected with safe Covid vaccines in many countries all over the world.

      There have unfortunately been some deaths from the vaccine, but the number in Europe is more in the tens (if that many) rather than the tens of thousands. There have been over 7.5 Billion vaccinations around the world in less than one year.

      Where is the evidence of this so exact number of 75 athletes? – can you name a single one of them?

      Please: Take the time to get yourself decently informed, protect your health and do not encourage other folks to risk their lives.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with JB, Johnny and others. Sadly most people are ignorant and believe the main stream media.
    Covid is a scam; it was all planned, just read Klaus Schwab’s book. The so called vaccine is a bio weapon; world control and population control is the agenda. The PCR test is not a test; covid is just another flu, hospitalisation is not needed, just get the right treatment at home. Get educated and stop bowing down to tyranny.

  5. Johnny
    You have your choice, vaccinate or don’t, as does everyone, in 1918 before vaccinations and with a world population of around 1.7 billion people the spanish flu killed 100 million people, it still kills people today and mutates every year. Imagine how many people would die if this was left to run until heard immunity!!!! What keeps the numbers down is the same thing that keeps the flu numbers down, vaccinating. But like in 1918 there was no vaccination for this when it broke out.
    I’m sick,but not of covid, I’m sick of listening to conspiracy theorists, I’m sick of listening to people with views that have no substance in fact, I have spent last 18 months trying to look out for myself, my wife,my family and my employees and by the grace of god managed it, most of the time after getting stuck on Madeira and I’ve watched the government do a very reasonable job of dealing with a mess nobody asked for, I would not have swapped places with anyone who has had to make the decisions on this.


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