Covid impacts on cruise ships

Ventura cancels tomorrow’s visit

cruise ship Ventura

JM have just announced on their website that the cruise ship ‘Ventura’ has cancelled its stopover in Madeira, scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, due to an outbreak of COVID-19 on board, and is now held up in the Canary Islands, according to the newspaper.

The ship was scheduled to arrive in Funchal at 8:00 am tomorrow, leaving at 5:00 pm.

At the same time, 12 passengers from one of the ships that docked yesterday in the port of Funchal were left on the island after testing positive for COVID-19. Passengers were taken to a hotel unit that has an arrangement with the Institute of Health Administration in Madeira, IASAÚDE.

Another outbreak occurred on another ship, where the 35 positive cases detected on board refused to stay in the Region, opting to comply with confinement on the ship itself, which continued on its journey.

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8 thoughts on “Covid impacts on cruise ships”

  1. Last year at the start of the pandemic people were calling cruise ships floating petrie dishes. Even with only around 50% loading and passengers double-vaccinated the virus is spreading amongst passengers.

    Once news like this hits the press cancellations are likely to rise.

  2. Puzzling as I thought you have to prove you are fully vaccinated against CV to join a cruise. The Cruise industry are keeping a low profile on these outbreaks for obvious reasons.

    • Just enjoy yourselves. Follow the sensible precautions and you should be ok.
      Don’t forget that cruise lines are used go dealing with outbreaks of Noro virus do, they have procedures in place. I Don’t think the infection numbers are too bad at the moment.


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