Covid confirmed on cruise ship

MSC Splendida in port with suspected cases

MSC Splendida, the cruise ship where an outbreak is thought to have occurred

Several suspected COVID-19 cases on the MSC Splendida cruise ship are generating buzz in Funchal today – although rumours have abounded for some while that cruise ships are experiencing outbreaks – reported here for some while.

Earlier today a source close to MSC Splendida, indicated to JM that eight COVID-19 infections had been confirmed in passengers of the cruise ship that docked this morning in the Madeiran capital. To these were added another 26 travellers who are considered risky contacts and who, therefore, remain in isolation.

The regional health authority has not yet confirmed the outbreak, stating that the situation is being investigated. However, JM found that on the Funchal quay there was a SESARAM van with properly equipped health professionals.

A passenger told JM of some disorganization in the entrances and departures of the cruise to the various destinations and the absence of masks inside the ship.

JM later confirmed that a SESARAM van was at the site, which, as reported, is disembarking possible suspected cases of infection.

For now, health authorities have declined to confirm the outbreak on the ship, claiming that the situation is being investigated.

To JM, a passenger on the ship pointed out that, throughout the voyage, many of the travellers did not wear a mask, also pointing out some disorganization in the disembarkation. “In Barcelona the departure and arrival of the boat was a mess, while in Malaga Italy we left each group in turn. And inside many people were without masks”, he stated.

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5 thoughts on “Covid confirmed on cruise ship”

  1. So despite only fully vaccinated passengers allowed, with copious amounts of testing, there are still cases.

    How interesting that they don’t want to report how prevalent this problem is.

    • It’s never been suggested that vaccination stops you getting covid!!! Neither has it ever been suggested that vaccinations stop you from passing it on. What vaccination does do in the vast majority of cases is reduce your risk of getting it and/or passing it on and greatly reduce your risk of developing severe disease and/or dying.

      You still need all the other measures, e.g. mask wearing, social distancing, sanitising, etc!

      As for reporting the prevalence, I have no idea what the cruise ships are telling their passengers, but they obviously would not want to scare people into cancelling etc! Doubtless they are advising rather than enforcing mask wearing, sanitising and distancing, hence the comments from passengers that some aren’t doing this. All of which shows how vital it is to have all these measures in place.

      • > All of which shows how vital it is to have all these measures in place.

        and policed.

        In Madeira mask wearing is compulsory indoors and outdoors but with the restriction that it applies when keeping appropriate distances is impossible. Just that restriction makes policing very difficult.

        (Mind you it is at least compulsory. In Finland we moved from “recommended” indoors and on public transport to “recommended” indoors and on public transport [I kid you not – the same word was used – the second was supposedly less strict than the first not that it was in any way spelled out just hinted at.]. Now we are back to “recommended” indoors and on public transport again. [The stricter version] Try policing that ….

  2. Obviously cruise ships are the ideal breeding ground for Covid-19 given that their very nature means a lot of people in close proximity often without masks because they are eating and / or drinking. Add to this narrow passageways and lots of surface area that numerous people come into contact with and you are unquestionably going to see the spread of Covid within all cruise ships. These cruise ships carry thousands of passengers and crew; the Splendida can have 3,274 passengers and 1,332 crew total 4,606 people.
    Why would anyone want to travel on a cruise ship during these Covid times and why would any small island allow this number of people to disembark into such a small city, bearing in mind most of these passengers and crew will only walk around a few streets and visit the same tourist sites and restaurants.
    Do the benefits outweigh the costs ?


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