“Treated like dogs”

– Portuguese woman accused of trying to flee the Netherlands

The Diário de Notícias on the mainland reports in detail on the couple who have become infamous across the world after being accused of trying to flee quarantine in the Netherlands. They are a Spaniard and a Portuguese, accused by the Dutch authorities ............  ...read more

Cruise ship rescue

Rescue operation at sea

260km south of Madeira

JM reports that a 22-year-old woman of Indonesian nationality was rescued today from a cruise ship “Mein Schiff 4”, which was sailing 135 nautical miles (about 250 kilometres) south of Madeira.

Following the alert received at 11:15 yesterday morning, after the ship informed authorities ............  ...read more

85% occupancy for New Year

Tourism Secretay talking  about occupancy for the New Year

Same as last year, but …

Eduardo Jesus, regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, says that the forecast for the hotel occupancy rate for the end of the year is 85%.

There is an expectation that the occupancy number could go up. However, the forecast is precisely the same as last year.

It remains to be seen whether the recent ............  ...read more

Omicron: 13 cases in Portugal

Football team associated with omicron variant

Cases associated with football team

Diário de Notícias on the mainland reports this morning that the Doctor Ricardo Jorge National Health Institute (INSA) has identified 13 cases of Ómicron, the new variant of the coronavirus, in Portugal, which was announced today.

In a joint statement from the INSA and the General Directorate ............  ...read more

Commitment to tourism

Funchal, the heart of tourism in Madeira

€13m to promote Madeira

JM reports that yesterday, the PSD Parliamentary Group highlighted the Regional Government’s commitment to the tourism sector, namely in terms of promotion, with the objective of securing and conquering key markets for Madeira as a destination. Hopefully, new variants and self-isolation for ............  ...read more

Portuguese police denialists

Portuguese police

Hundreds of police officers in vaccine denial

As in the Armed Forces, in the police there are those who refuse to be vaccinated, but they also have no operational restrictions other than in international missions. PSP does not know how many agents it has unvaccinated

On the mainland,  ............  ...read more

Expo boat left to rot

Covid deaths reach 100

JM leads with a report that the replica of the boat that made the original connection between Madeira and Porto Santo was built in 1998 and cost €275,000.

After the universal exhibition in Lisbon, the boat was handed over to Clube Naval do Porto Santo ............  ...read more

Red list revived

Red list depicting red list

PCR tests and self-isolation also return

The Telegraph reports that the UK’s “red list” has returned and that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that anyone arriving in the UK must now take a PCR test by ............  ...read more

Mozambique flights suspended

Maputo airport Mozambique

Portugal moves against Omicron variant

Expresso on the mainland reports that Portugal has suspended flights with Mozambique and imposed a quarantine on those coming from 7 African countries. The Government justifies the decision with the need to combat the spread of the new and feared variant of covid – Omicron

As part of the fight ............  ...read more

SA consul claims travel ban “hasty”

Omicron, which has caused a travel ban

“Omicron” closes air connections

The Diario reports that the Madeiran honorary consul of Portugal in Durban, Elias Souza says it is a hasty decision to impose a travel ban by closing air traffic connections with South Africa 

On Friday morning, several countries in Europe and Asia made the decision to close air traffic ............  ...read more

Protests continue in Funchal

Protest outside Qta Vigia

… but the president’s not for turning

The president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, assured yesterday that, despite protests, his Executive will not go back on any of the measures taken recently to combat the new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, in reaction to the demonstration that took place in front of his official residence, ............  ...read more

New data centre

Artists impression of new data centre

Plan for “Atlantic data centre”

The Diario reports that the company Emacom, owned by the Madeira Electricity Company, will invest around €9 million in the installation of the largest data centre in the Region. A large part of the funds will be guaranteed by the EU-funded Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

The infrastructure will ............  ...read more

New restrictive measures in Portugal

Prime minister explaining new measures in September
Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa announcing Council of Ministers conclusions when numbers dropped in September

Mainland to follow Madeira’s example

The mainland edition of Diário de Notícias reports that the COVID-19 pandemic is once again the main theme of the Council of Ministers in Lisbon. After hearing opinions, the Government is preparing to announce new pandemic mitigation measures.

These include the return of border control, ............  ...read more

Madeira now has 103 daily cases!

Coronavirus, with the number of cases daily rising seriously

Situation degenerates seriously

The Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE has just announced this evening that there have been 103 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 reported in Madeira over the last 24 hours. These are 13 imported cases (no breakdown at the moment, and no separate figures for ............  ...read more

Covid: Portugal faring better

Covid vaccination centre
New York Times: “In Portugal, There Is Virtually No One Left to Vaccinate”

7th best figures in EU

Press Agency Lusa reports that Portugal is the seventh country in the European Union with the lowest number of deaths and new daily cases of infection by COVID-19 per million inhabitants, according to the statistical website Our World in Data.

Since last week, the epidemiological situation has slightly ............  ...read more

Covid confirmed on cruise ship

MSC Splendida, the cruise ship where an outbreak is thought to have occurred

MSC Splendida in port with suspected cases

Several suspected COVID-19 cases on the MSC Splendida cruise ship are generating buzz in Funchal today – although rumours have abounded for some while that cruise ships are experiencing outbreaks – reported here for some while.

Earlier today a source close to MSC Splendida, indicated to ............  ...read more

Ryanair operational from summer 2022

Ryanair plane

40 new weekly flights and 10 routes possible

The Diario reports that Ryanair will set up an operational base in Madeira and will begin flying to the Region in the summer of 2022. This operation opens up the possibility of 40 new weekly frequencies and 10 routes – five of which will directly connect ............  ...read more

Covid unit disbanded

Covid Unit disbanded - headline

Ryanair press conference today

JM leads with the headline that the unit created by the Madeira Civil Protection to respond to suspected cases of covid was deactivated at the end of October. The service now includes daily pre-hospital emergencies, but the rescue teams are apprehensive ............  ...read more

“Full house” in Funchal

The port of Funchal this morning

Port fully occupied this morning

The Diario reports that on a grey morning the Port of Funchal derives some beauty and satisfaction from seeing its capacity sold out with all berths occupied by ships. There are six in all, including the ferry ‘Lobo Marinho’ which, at the time the photo was taken, had not yet set sail ............  ...read more

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