Ten new rules in Madeira

… from today

Madeira, where new rules come into effect today

JM handily rounds up the ten changes coming to effect in the Region at midnight tonight after the resolution approved yesterday by the Government Council confirmed the changes to rules already announced Tuesday. In general, the order is to reopen without restrictions, but keeping recommendations from the health authorities and having a negative test and a digital vaccination certificate to enter major events.

New rules apply from today until November 30th

The resolution approved today by the Governing Council is clear: the new rules take effect at 0:00 on October 15th and apply until 23:59 on November 30th.

The last paragraphs explain that the regulation is subject to constant evaluation by the competent authorities and may be subject to revision in the event of a change in the circumstances that led the Executive to ease the restriction measures now.

No more compulsory curfew and masks only in closed spaces

As anticipated, the resolution approved yesterday puts an end to the “general duty to be home at night”. The same note explains that “there is no longer a ban on circulation on public roads” between certain hours

As for masks, their use is now recommended for citizens over six years of age in access, circulation or stay in closed spaces. This “whenever the physical distance recommended by health authorities proves impractical”, the resolution also explains.

Commercial establishments without any restrictions

It is another measure starting today, “commercial, industrial and service activities, including gambling establishments, casinos, bingos or similar, and hotel and hospitality establishments and local accommodation can operate without any restrictions”. This change is valid for both the capacity of the aforementioned spaces and their opening hours.

Rules relaxed for culture, sport and conferences

The rules are also relaxed for events of a cultural, artistic and sporting nature, including cultural events and conferences. However, there are two circumstances to take into account here:

If there are indoor events with more than 100 people, it is necessary to present an infection screening test with a negative result and carried out within 48 hours prior to the event.

If there are events in outdoor spaces with more than 500 people, tests with a negative result made within the previous 48 hours are required.

Post-religious events with lighter measures

At weddings, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, finalists and other events, the rules are similar to those of culture and sport. In other words, tests will only be requested in events held indoors that have more than 100 people or in outdoor actions with more than 500 people.

Free tests at pharmacies, laboratories and clinics

The tests mentioned by the Government for indoor events with more than 100 people or outdoor events with more than 500 people can be done free of charge for users. All that is required is for interested parties to do so in pharmacies, laboratories, clinics and posts that are part of the Regional Government’s testing campaign.

Unrestricted bars, liquor stores & nightclubs

It is one of the most awaited measures, especially by the younger population. As of tomorrow, bars, drinking establishments and venues with dance venues can operate without restrictions. However, the ordinance clarifies that this operation can only happen “provided that the health rules issued by the health authorities are respected” and provided that users present the Covid Digital Certificate of the European Union.

Homecare visits, but with tests

Visits to the Elderly Home Structures, the Integrated Continuous Care Units, as well as the shelters for Children and Youth are now carried out without restrictions, as long as they follow the sanitary rules and visitors present a negative test performed within 48 hours prior to visit.

Thus, the restrictions imposed on the limits on the number of visits fall. However, the resolution is silent on the form of visit, namely if the separation by glass or other restrictions is maintained, such as the impediment of physical contacts.

Spas are back to free use

The resolution approved yesterday allows the use of changing rooms, changing rooms and showers in sports facilities also “without restrictions”. However, the resolution approved by the Government Council explains that, as they are spaces for common use and with frequent contact surfaces, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the changing rooms must be increased.

Travel restricted until November 1st

Changes to entries into the Region through the Airport, ports and marinas continue to maintain the restrictions of recent months.

Yesterday’s resolution only indicates that these regulations will be changed from the first of November.

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14 thoughts on “Ten new rules in Madeira”

  1. ‘To be forwarned is to be forarmed!

    Having caught Covid, even though I was double vaccinated, at the end of my lovely three week holiday in Madeira I am now isolating for a second 10 days back in the UK. I only had mild flu like symptoms for 4 days.

    Anyone having had Covid and testing positive with a PCR test should not be tested, any test, for 90 days, under UK national and international rules. This is because they may continue to shed dead virus cells in the nasal passage, in some cases for a considerable time, even though they have antibodies and are not infectious having been in isolation for at least 10 days.

    Our isolation at the Pestana Casino Studios, totally at the Madeiran Government expence, confined to the hotel room, was difficult, but we cannot fault the staff and chefs – the food was fantastic, far too much for us as light eaters, so we cringed at the waste!

    Currently all returning travellers to UK have to take a day 2 test and mine tested positive, no surprises there! So that’s why I am serving another 10 days in isolation. That ends at midnight on 22nd Oct. I will not get tested at the end of that period.

    I have consistently followed official rules and advice and I have done so to the absolute letter, at my cost, I might add.

    Unfortunately I have been caught in this ridiculous UK requirement to retest for eveyone, which even contravene their own rules.

    I am in contact with my UK Member of Parliament about it, but the day 2 will just be a rapid lateral flow (LFT) test at the end of this month, but even that could catch more people in the same position as I am in. Incidentally I am testing negative on LFT.

    My wife Mary does not have to quarantine having been double vaccinated. She has also been consistently negative on three PCR tests.

    I just wanted to pass this on so anyone else in similar circumstances is aware of what could happen to them.

    This hasn’t dulled our love of the beautiful island of Madeira, so we will be back very soon.

  2. Hi there,
    It’s just been brought to my attention that you published an article that basically retells stories from months ago.

    1. There is legal action pending against 2 people vaguely mentioned .

    2. There is extensive evidence as to why I “failed” to pay for the house.

    3. I’m NOT in Madeira and the person who the source is for anything related to Madeira is knows to pull these things with multiple women, I was messaged on social media by two + he has been to jail.

    I’d ask that you remove the article.

    This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Madeira Island News (https://www.madeiraislanddirect.com/blog)

  3. It has been both refreshing and admirable to see how your President has acted with such integrity, used common sense, all the while putting the safety of the people of your beautiful Island first throughout this pandemic..and he is continuing to do so..The world truly needs leadership shown by His Excellency Miguel Albuquerque…and the gorgeous people of Madeira are blessed to have him❤️❤️❤️


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