Taxi prices to be displayed at the airport?

Resistance from two associations

Taxis queueing at Madeira Airport

The Diario reports that TaxisRAM met yesterday with the management in Madeira of ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal to present a set of ideas in order to improve the service provided to customers at the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport and the golden island, as well as some claims. TaxisRAM describes themselves on their Facebook page as a “Young team with fresh ideas ready to fight for our and your future in the Taxi sector”.

Among the proposals presented to Roberto Santa Clara, the TaxisRAM representation led by Paulo Pereira asked for the installation of information boards regarding the prices of the taxi service in Madeira Airport and also in Porto Santo. However, they learned that they are opposed by two other taxi associations.

As for the information boards with estimated prices for customers, the association led by Paulo Pereira stressed to DIÁRIO that this is not to the liking of all associations, although they understand that it is an important measure to improve the competitiveness of the sector and transmit greater transparency to customers.

From the other proposals on the agenda, “we ask for an electric charging point” as well as “a discount for car parks for taxis going to the airport to pick up customers”.

They also demanded “more inspection for illegal vehicles that go to the airport for transport”, but also “supervision for TVDE who spend the day at the airport transgressing”, he summarized.

In addition to thanking Roberto Santa Clara for the good reception of the ideas, TaxisRAM made available all the cooperation between the association and ANA.

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8 thoughts on “Taxi prices to be displayed at the airport?”

  1. I think it would be a good idea if example prices were listed. Many first-time visitors will not know the geography of the island and so will have no idea of a “fare” price for the taxi fare to their hotel. 🚕🚕

  2. I was a few years ago tipped off about using Madeira-Airport-Transfers to and from the airport to avoid the dreaded travel company busses. I’ve been very satisfied with them

    Here are today’s prices for Funchal

    From / To Funchal Airport to any address in Funchal

    1 to 3 pax 20€
    4 to 6 pax 23€
    7 to 8 pax 28€

    1 p/p 16€

    (Same price back – pick up at specified time at hotel)



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