No more aquaculture cages

… for now

Aquaculture conference

The president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, guaranteed yesterday that he will not proceed with the implementation of more aquaculture cages in the medium term, a process that has been suspended. “We’re not going against anyone,” he said, referring specifically to Ponta do Sol, where the local authority is against expansion.

Albuquerque said he understood the demonstration held today (by just a dozen or so people) against aquaculture at the Congress Centre of Madeira, where the annual Conference of the European Society takes place until Thursday. Interestingly, all delegates (vaccinated or not) must show proof of a negative Antigen (rapid) test (within 48h) to be able to access registration.

No more aquaculture cages 1
Protest against aquaculture. Photo: Diario

“I understand that a person who has a house with a sea view does not like to see the structures – which are provisional -, but he can also say that he does not like to see a boat at sea, but this is an aesthetic judgment, which cannot be to say is that aquaculture pollutes the sea, destroys ecosystems, which is not true”, he stressed.

At a time when the Region already produces 1,200 tonnes and aquaculture yields €6 million, the head of the Executive recalls the contribution to employment and exports, ensuring that the solution in the future can be submerged cages – as featured on this blog a little while ago.

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5 thoughts on “No more aquaculture cages”

  1. HELP ‘aquaculture’ could some one tell me what is actually involved? It generates 6 million euros, what is the net profit ? does it do any harm?
    In Scotland they have mega fish farms, which produce loads of food and create jobs.

  2. Be assured, not only the chemicals/ antibiotics used for fish farming pollute the sea but also the sea bed will be covered with sediments, to be seen in Chile where salmon farming damages the environment.
    It should not be the question wether the cages are visible or underwater but what the long term effects will be.


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