New Portos da Madeira brand

and 50 years for the Selvagens

Portos da Madeira (APRAM) facilities in the port of Funchal

The Regional Secretary for the Economy, Rui Barreto, at 12:00 today, will chair the presentation of the new visual identity of the Portos da Madeira brand, which is supported by a new signature, a promotional film and a new institutional brochure. The event will take place at Gare Marítima da Madeira,

The creation of a new visual identity is part of the port authority, Portos da Madeira (APRAM) commercial strategy, given the current context of the cruise market, which is still in a time of pandemic.

50 years marked for the Selvagens Nature Reserve

New Portos da Madeira brand 1

Also today, at 10:30 the Regional Secretariat for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change will promote a press conference on board the NRP Douro, on the north pier of Pontinha, in Funchal, to present the program to commemorate 50 years of the Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve.

The event, which will be attended by the Regional Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, intends to publicize the program designed by the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) with the objective of marking the anniversary of the oldest Nature Reserve in the country.

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  1. ‘New Visual Identity’ ? Sounds to me like another expensive logo, much backslapping and popping of corks…PR boys and girls justifying their existence.


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