New airport testing procedures

Who will pay?

Testing at Madeira airport

JM reports that the changes that will be made in the testing at Madeira airport. As of November 1, the PCR test for travellers who arrive in the Region without being vaccinated will no longer be mandatory. The question of who will pay will be the subject of a resolution tomorrow in the Governing Council.

Miguel Albuquerque, if he visited the new Leroy Merlin DIY store yesterday morning, reaffirmed that it will only be necessary to present the rapid antigen test, as reported by JM yesterday. However, he said the Government is studying whether the Region will pay for these tests or whether it will be the traveller himself. “We’ll make decisions about it later.”

The move to Rapid Antigen testing at the airport replacing PCR testing accompanies other measures in a new phase of deconfinement in the Region.

Vaccine passports required for night clubs

The president of the government also recalled the relief in the restrictions that will be a reality from midnight on Friday, with the end of the curfew and the reopening of the clubs. But, care will be maintained. Only customers with a vaccination certificate or recovered status will be able to enter what are termed “night spaces” – not sure if this applies only to clubs?

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  1. Agreed pay for tests! Much more safer then putting that medical trial vaccine in your system? Then to be told it’s not safe? and people start dropping like flies?


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