Madeira to invest in cybersecurity

€2m allocated due to increasing risks

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The Government of Madeira will invest around two million euros of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) in training in cybersecurity because “the threats and risks” are increasing, it was announced today.

The Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) is an investment plan to be implemented at national level until 2026. A set of reforms and investments are foreseen in the plan to allow the country to resume sustained economic growth and strengthen convergence with Europe over the next decade.

“As we know, the risks and threats are increasingly greater and sophisticated, and it is only with investment in constant updating and training, not only from a technological point of view but also from the point of view of knowledge of our human resources, that we are able to be at the level of the best that is done in this area in the country and in the world”, said the Regional Secretary for Finance.

Rogério Gouveia was speaking on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of the course “CCEGCC – Cybersecurity, Cyberdefence and Crisis Management in Cyberspace” which took place in the region, aimed at managers and leading cadres of Public Administration, military, executives and university students.

The Madeiran government official highlighted the importance of the insular executive continuing to invest in this area, pointing out that “about two million euros will be aimed at covering the entire structure of the Regional Government, not only the specific information or finance but the entire network human and information resources available to the Executive”, within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Best international practices in cybersecurity

Rogério Gouveia thus emphasized that it is necessary to invest in cybersecurity and cyber defence policy, arguing that this is a way of “ensuring that [Public Administration] employees are also at the level of the best international practices in this area”.

The course was organized by the Competitive Intelligence and Information Warfare Association (CIIWA) and the Military Academy, in collaboration with the Regional Government of Madeira.

The training “aimed at promoting the sharing of knowledge to those interested in the development of cybersecurity exercises, such as Cyber ​​Europe) and cyberdefence (Ciber Perseu), through the adoption of new methodologies for crisis management in cyberspace, the creation of scenarios and its operationalization”, refers to information disclosed by the Madeiran secretary’s office.

The note concludes by emphasizing that the objective is “to seek to develop more effective organizational strategies in combating cyber threats”.

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  1. Computer users at home can do their bit by a) ensuring all Windows updates get installed b) use a top anti-virus package and keep up-to-date c) keep web browsers up-to-date by going into settings-> about. This normally initiates any updates. d) check the firewall in your router is turned on and check if your isp provides security and that it is turned on.

  2. You wonder why Madeira is taking an individual role in responding to this threat – surely it is better addresssed at an EU level as many of the threats are identical and show no respect for land borders.

  3. Talking about “cybersecurity” your website is inundating me with e-mails recommending that I read your latest post – I have received 20 emails over the last three days from Madeira Island News Blog suggesting that I view your “[new post] Friday Photo” or some other complete waste of time. Can you please cease this practice – it is oppressive and intrusive.

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